Jump. Splash. Laugh. Repeat.

In light of my somewhat heavy/deep discussion posts lately as well as the entire world just feeling sad and angry, I thought it would be a good day to sprinkle a little fun and happy on the blog and internet world.  No, I'm not naive about our current world.  I've shed tears over it and saying my heart aches doesn't do it justice.  But whenever conflict arises in our house our biggest and best weapon is fun and joy and laughter.  It can't hurt, right?  
For a beautiful start, meet my newest nephew!! Isn't he dreamy?! 
He was born a couple weeks ago and is helping curb my baby fever just a bit by getting to hold him.  
This is my twin sister's fourth baby and we had the honor of hosting the other three kiddos for a night while they got checked out of the hospital and settled at home.  These cousins play, talk, laugh, and sometimes argue just like brothers and sisters.  We thought we'd spend the afternoon filling up good 'ol fashioned water balloons.  A summer classic. 
Fun was had by all and I was delighted to capture some of it with my Nikon! 
I just adore these photos because I feel like they truly show personality.  Wanting to capture some personality of your own?  I recommend setting kids (or even adults!) up with a fun activity like play dough, water balloons, sand play, building with blocks, bubbles, riding bikes, etc. and then stepping slightly out of the frame and letting the action take place! The purest emotions always show up when I let life be life and I seek to find the beauty in that, instead of trying to pose the perfect shot.  

Of course between five kids a pile of water balloons goes really fast!  Next, out came the sprinkler!  These kiddos got some amazing air while jumping through.  Maybe we have a few future basketball players?! 

Seriously....let's just end on the sweetest note ever, with this dreamy baby sleeping. 

I confessed to you that I wanted to figure out which things in life made my heart completely race this summer and weed out the rest.  It hasn't taken long for me to figure out photography is a stay.  An always, always, for the rest of my life, stay. 

Now go find a sprinkler to jump through and try not to laugh. I dare you! 


  1. That sweet baby is so precious :) Sprinklers were always my favorite on a hot summer day. Have a great day Sara!

    1. I still love sprinklers, lol! And yes, the baby....so beyond precious.


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