a happy home

Good morning friends! Two blog posts in a row?  A lot for me lately, I know! I've changed my eating/sleeping/exercise habits and it is making a huge difference in how I feel and my productivity for each day.  I'll share more soon but for now I'm going to enjoy writing another blog post! 

This week I snapped some photos of what is making my home feel happy this summer.  I've visited homes that stay the same over the years, never a photo frame out of place and I like that.  There's something comforting about the steady.  I however, love to change things up.  In fact, it's how I de-stress, have fun, and explore my creativity. 

I set up this little spot right next to the kitchen where I can quickly glance over at what is filling my world with joy this summer.  A favorite quote, art by myself and also Mystele, some paper flowers I made, favorite photos, and a few happy sayings. 

The cart underneath is filled with favorite cookbooks and art supplies.  I found that when everything was tucked back in my craft room I was hardly creating because I don't run in there during the day and isolate myself from the girls.  Just a personal choice.  So this way the girls and I can both enjoy what's on the cart and include a few more pockets of creative time during our day.  The cart is the famous Ikea cart, useful for so many things! 

A few of these paintings will be added to the shop later this summer! I'm especially excited about the flower painting above. 

Everyone needs a photo wall.  The end.
"Be Kind" by the ever-so talented Katie Daisy.
The ladder and quilt were both found at flea market type stores.  I painted the ladder myself! 
That light.....it never ceases to amaze me. 

Of course when cousins come over life is so much more fun!! And this is how my real-life house looks on a daily basis. 
The same goes for the art room.  When it's messy it's usually because I've been super busy on all things creative.  That's a good sign to me!  
The girls imaginations are GIANT this summer.  They've been playing "animals in care" for daaaaays.  Like they build a fort or tent, get out their one million stuffed animals, and take care of them, talk to them, etc.  Seriously I can't imagine their imaginations getting any bigger! I pray they do though....I pray they grow as their legs and arms and hearts grow.  It would be a sad thing for them to lose something so important-their imagination. 
Brett built this little shelf in a little unused corner of the house and it is really a favorite spot of mine! The box is full of photographs.  Hundreds of them! 
And it just doesn't get better than a shelf of rainbow books.  Especially when they're vintage! 

Now it's your turn!  Are you enjoying happy spots in your home?  
If not, I challenge you to make one spot extra happy, just for you today!