Getting your inspiration back

Morning friends! Have you recovered from Monday? We always jump back into the week with the regular duties of life like laundry, dishes, and errands and boy do we feel it!  We'd much rather be camping, hiking, or gardening.  I'm sure you understand.  My life, much like yours, is simply busy.  I think "busy" gets such a bad connotation sometimes and I get it.  I've had seasons where I've said "yes" to too many things instead of "no" and my life has suffered because of it.  I can honestly confess this isn't that season. I've learned what is a healthy amount for me to schedule and what I need to politely pass on.  With that said, all of life is still rather busy.  It can sometimes feel hard to be inspired creatively when my painting time is crammed in-between a host of other things. 
Perhaps this is why I'm so motivated to find the "rosy in the routine."  The truth is it's much like a game to me, to take an ordinary moment or day and see how much beauty I can notice.  Usually, quite a lot.  One of my favorite places to get some inspiration back into my life is our local nursery. 
We live about 15 minutes from Westwood Gardens and it has been a place of great memories and inspiration for us ever since the girls were little.  We've advanced from pushing them around in a cart to chasing after them in-between the rows of plants.  
Not only is this our favorite place to purchase plants and flowers because the quality is amazing, I always leave with loads of ideas for painting.  
Is your life lacking some inspiration?  I believe you can grab some inspiration back, almost anywhere.  A few things I look for when my eyes are on the lookout for something to paint are......color combinations I like, different shades of color, interesting textures and shapes, and patterns and print. 

You could even jot these few criteria down and keep an eye out for them at the grocery store or Target. Or your backyard!  

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to step outside your house and say "Today I will be inspired!".  Because then what if you don't even know where to start or what to look for?  

But if you narrow it down, for example telling yourself "Today I will find a color combination I like", then you are well on your way to finding something interesting to paint, photograph, or enjoy. 

Here's to getting your inspiration back! 


  1. Well, I'm going to the dentist today :) I'll have to get super creative! I could just inform him that I'm a blogger and need some good footage for the blog :)

    1. Oh my!! The dentist is my least favorite place ever! Ours is pretty fancy though and you can watch Food Network while they drill on your teeth so at least there's that! Hopefully you found some inspiration or at least made it through. :)


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