what waiting on adoption means

I get asked about our adoption almost every single day.  I'm grateful each time someone asks because it means they're interested or need help understanding the process.  Both of which I'm happy to oblige and answer with as much information as I can. 

No, this isn't a post to announce anything major, but rather to share our hearts and where we are in the process.  I will most definitely let you know someday down the road when we have news to share! Until then, let me give you a peek into what waiting looks like for us. 

First, you must know our thoughts on adoption have altered a bit since starting the process.  We have never wavered in our belief that God strongly put adoption on our hearts and asked us to obey him by following through and actually doing something about it.  But at first we thought we would start the process, be matched, and be done.  And judging from the questions I get from most people, that seems to be the thought that we are raised up believing about adoption.  It simply isn't true.  I have quickly realized just as there are many, many ways to make a family, there are so very many roads that lead to adoption.  It isn't "one story fits all".  So the details that make up our story may vary completely from someone's else's adoption.  And that's ok. 

We are using Bethany Christian Services as our agency.  We put a lot of thought, prayer, and discussion into this decision and have felt confident in them from day one.  This is in large part due to the honoring of all involved in the adoption process, including (especially) the birth mom.  

I'm sure you remember me sharing that we started the adoption process in August and finished our paperwork/training/etc. in late January.  So what have we been up to since January? Waiting and praying.  What that means is we are waiting to be matched with our baby and there is no average time limit on the wait.  It could be tomorrow (oh please, oh please!) or it could be next year.  The birth mom will be the one matching us with her baby.  It is her choice.  

So for now we wait to hear about a baby needing a family and we pray.  We don't just pray the baby is to join our family, we pray for the baby.  Because I've quickly figured out that little tiny lives are needing a forever family and whether they join my family or not, I want them to be held and snuggled and fed and taken.  

Some days I'm able to answer these questions very matter of fact.  Other days I hear Christy Nockel's song "Waiting here for you" in the car and tears immediately start pouring out of my eyes.  It is hard to wait and we are so ready to hold our baby.  I pray for our birth mom every single day.  We haven't met, but I want so much for her.

If you have other questions please feel free to ask.  I'll write as much as I feel comfortable or have permission to say. 

Until then, please pray our sweet baby joins our family at just the right time. 

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