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Good morning friends near and far!  I don't know about you, but we are a sleepy bunch today after sitting in the bathroom for protection from a tornado warning last night.  We are safe and sound and for that fact alone, I am so grateful. 

This week has been bizarre for more reasons than one, and someday when the time is right I'll share the crazy details with you and we'll laugh and simply shake our heads at how funny life can be sometimes.  For now because of this unusual week combined with the fact I'm working on finishing Gather, my online course starting in a few weeks, I wanted to jump back into our Offer series! 

Back in December we turned the focus around on others and I did an Offer series, where each day something was suggested as an offering. You can tell the series was dreamed up then because of the pumpkin on my coffee table. For the next week or so I thought we'd wrap up the series, starting with "Offer a plant." 

This time of year reminds me of new growth more than ever.  I gaze out the window at the once bare trees where I was just SURE nothing would ever bloom or grow again and see those tiny buds and marvel once again at hope.  At new growth, at life after winter with seemingly nothing in sight.  THIS is why I think offering someone a plant is not only a kind gesture but also one of hope.  My favorite?  Any type of succulents because even those thrive in your home in the midst of winter.  
Offering a plant and handwritten note reminding a friend that there is hope ready for the taking, new life and growth happening whether we see it or not....
that sounds like a beautiful offering to me. 

See you tomorrow for a new "Offering". 
(and you can still sign up for Gather, my online art/photography class starting April 18th! 
Details and sign-ups here!)

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