Gather (an online class) early-bird sign-ups!

 The day is finally here! 
Early-bird sign-ups begin today for Gather, my online class coming next month!
The early-bird price is $25 and once class starts the price goes up to $35.

Starting Monday, April 18th, we'll start class together!  This online course is written and hosted by yours truly and focuses on praises, prayer, and photographs.  It is all about infusing art into the practices of your everyday life and having so much fun while doing so! 

Here are the details of what the online class will be like: 
*No expiration date.  You have lifetime access to class!

*Videos galore!  Between art journaling, prayer flags, watercolor canvases, painted flower pots, photography walks, and more, there will be plenty of video tutorials teaching you how to practice your creativity and have fun while doing so! 

*Class will also include plenty of extras like free downloadable art, a FB discussion group, a discount code for my shop, and a video tour of my studio!

"Gather: praises, prayer, and photographs into everyday art"
sign-ups start below! Once you are signed up you're enrolled in class instantly! You'll receive your login information the day class starts, Monday, April 18th! 

Invite your friends, 
sign-up below with the early-bird rate of $25,
and I look forward to seeing you in class! 


  1. Great Sara. I am signed up!!!

    1. Welcome Melody! I'm so glad to have you! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Great Michelle! I am so delighted you'll be joining us! :)

  3. GOOD DAY Sara, I love to shop, but I have no card, I could make a deposit into your bank account directly, I'm from the south of the country Uruguay America speak Spanish but I manage to translate in google for, hope your answer, thanks and affection, my email is ""


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