So this is December.

December has been lovely and full to the brim in the best way.  I ordered Christmas presents early, marked almost everything off my "to do" list without even doing them, leaving just a few essential things to actually accomplish, and felt a pep in my step I hadn't experienced in years past.  My creativity and imagination run like a leaky faucet this time of year, drip, drip, drip….never dry  of ideas.  But this year I decided I wanted to be rested and fun for those around me, more than I wanted to indulge my BFF's, "diy" and "project".   I've still found tiny ways, every single day, to keep my art alive, but am enjoying a pressure-free holiday season.  

It isn't lost on me that this time of year can be quite hard and sad for some.  In fact, even as I'm writing this I'm thinking of two families in particular that this Christmas will sigh with despair, rather than with rejoicing.  Can you keep these and those in your world too, in prayer?  It would be too bad if we missed the hurting, the lost, the sad…in-between the cookie baking and present wrapping.  I keep praying Jesus will give me tender eyes to see the needs present right in front of me. 

I have felt God loving on me through these glorious rays of sunshine we've had this December.  Afternoons are spent playing outside, soaking in the sunsets that are simply glorious this time of year.  We have the best skies and sunrises and sunsets in winter.  Although the grass is void of color and the wildflowers nowhere to be found, there are brilliant hues in the sky that are truly masterpieces.

We even trekked to a favorite local spot (Lost Valley) a few weeks ago for a winter hike.  The girls did great and walked almost the entire way there and back! We have trained them early and it shows.  Their little legs are quite strong and can endure a couple miles worth of walking.  Nature is where our family thrives, worships, and connects.  

We've helped Nana decorate for Christmas this December,

attempted homemade ornaments that somehow snuck in a silly trick on us and turned into oobleck. Lol.

We've spent time with cousins, baked cookies to deliver to Brett's work, stamped cute tags for teacher gifts, looked for hearts everywhere, marveled at the first snow (on Brett's birthday-December 17th!!), sang loud to music, learned how to communicate (these lessons come over and over and over), laughed together, watched Christmas movies, sent Happy Mail, checked cows, played Memory, wrapped presents, worked puzzles, built fires, and enjoyed this messy, beautiful, imperfect dance we call life. 
As another year comes to a close, I'm certain more than ever that Jesus matters most.  A close second, are people.  All people.  Not calories, social media, houses, money, diet choices, school choices….the list could go on. Just people.  People matter.  I pray you love on your people well this holiday season.  The ones in your grocery stores, homes, libraries, and towns. 

I'll leave you with a few fun links and a giant "Merry Christmas!"

(she's a fave of mine and her online classes are on sale! This is an excellent deal!!)


  1. Happy Christmas from across the pond Sara to you and your lovely family. Wishing you many blessings in 2016.

    1. Thank-you Val! Happy New Year to you and yours! :)


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