Fireside Christmas Eve Tablescape

 If you've hung around the blog for any time at all then you know my fierce love for a pretty tablescape.  In my opinion, life is run-of-the-mill enough, so creating little pockets of magic to keep a case of the ordinaries away does my soul good.  Plus, I love to love on my people by using my passions and gifts for them, right within the walls of our own home.  

Last year I created a last-minute fancy table and it made the air feel different, special somehow.  This year I planned ahead, pulling things from around the house and buying a new strand of lights from Hobby Lobby (40% off)  to give the table a glow.  
 We've ended up leaving the table right in front of the wood-burning fireplace the whole week long.  Even though we're celebrating in the same house we have every single year for the past four years, dressing up the table a bit made it feel like a vacation within our own home.  I hope you'll feel a spark of inspiration to make some magic within your home this week too.  

The most special part of this light-filled table? 
The ones around it.