Offer your creativity (start at home)

I used to have this big, bad thought (often) that my creativity was simply being wasted at home, while I was mopping up spit-up and changing diapers.  I know…yikes.  What an awful thought!  But I didn't know then what I know now.  My creativity is a gift, my family is a gift, and the two go hand-in-hand.   I believe we are all creative.  Can you organize your pantry and keep it that way?  I'm in awe.  Are you a singer?  Do you decorate for fun or cook fantastic meals?  Do you love big and give good hugs?  All creative.  My challenge for you today is to not look at your circle around you and deem it unworthy of your God-given gift.  In fact, your circle is probably the exact reason why your creativity pounds on your heart as it does.  

And if it doesn't? If you're tired and weary and barely making it, I pray a season of refreshment comes for you soon.  I've too, been the worn-out mama (hello newborn days!) with not much to offer creatively.  Yet even then, a quick swipe of paint could put a pep in my step that would last for hours.  Hang in there mamas. I'm praying for you. 
 Yes, a lot of my time is spent on my art and photography, but even more time is spent creatively loving on my family and close friends.  Today I thought I'd share two quick ways I've used my creativity lately.  I hope it inspires you too! 
 Betsy Grace turned three (how is that possible?!) and we had a low-key birthday party for her at home.  With "pizza and painting" quickly becoming the theme, I hot-glued my collection of old paintbrushes from the last two years onto a string to make a garland.  First it hung in the dining room for the party and now graces our Christmas tree! 
 I'm always checking the clearance aisle at Target for party goods because there are just so many uses and occasions you might need them for!  The yellow lanterns were $1.25 each and the others thrifted or already in my home.  

 I watercolored nameplates for each kiddo's paints (from Dollar Tree) and that was it!  The party was ready to go.  

 I also set out paper plates (because I believe in making things easy for all), apples, a homemade Minnie Mouse Cake (there's a reason I'm not showing it to you, lol) and veggie plate.  Last, Brett brought home the pizza! 

 The birthday girl had so much fun and that's all that matters to me!  
Success :) 
 The second thing we did this week was so meaningful to me I simply have to pass it on to you! 
We had our first annual Nativity Night.  I had purchased a nativity set at Hobby Lobby for half-off and prepared a plate of goodies and snacks for dinner.  We all knelt around our coffee table and while the girls ate I read the Christmas Story.  Last, I had each piece of the nativity wrapped up in tissue paper and one by one the girls got to open each piece.  There were squeals and remembrances from the story we'd just read and MUCH imaginative play afterwards.  
I looked down after a few minutes to see this. 
Anna Ruth had postured every animal and person all gazing at baby Jesus.  
This is all the reminder I need for the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. 

I pray you are inspired to offer your creativity to someone this season, starting within the walls of your own home. 


  1. You make everything look so easy Sara :) Beautiful.


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