Offer a photograph (a memory saved)

If you and I were to talk at any length of time, on any given day, photography would probably come up into the conversation somehow.  I whole-heartedly believe both in experiences that don't require clicking and capture and ones that do.   There's a scene in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty where the world-renowned photographer chooses not to capture the snow leopard he's been on the hunt for, because he wants the moment to be completely his, to be experienced. 

Yes and amen.  I'll often leave my camera at home, letting an experience speak for itself.  Yet at the same time, if you know me well, you know the camera is an effective tool for me, a game-changer on my view of life.  It helps cut the stuff that doesn't matter out and instead challenges me to find "the rosy in my routine", a phrase I coined after challenging myself daily to find something beautiful in my surroundings.   I hope sincerely that you print your photos.  Looking through our family photo box is one of our most favorite things in the world to do.   Even better?  Print a box of memories for a friend, sit and rifle through the box together, share laughs and moments.  

Or how about for a friend who needs their spirits lifted?  Why not photograph a collection of beauty (whatever that may look like to you) and send that?  Perhaps that beautiful box of photos could provide some hope, in the form of photograph. 

Here are a few facts about my own photography:
I shoot with a Nikon D7000 with this lens.  I completely love both and have been using them for two years straight without a single problem. 

I have a few favorite places to print photos, other than on my own Epson printer (which I also use to make all my archival art prints for the shop).  

Walgreens always does a great, fast job and this is what we use for our photo box.  The paper is thinner than other companies but the price is also much lower.  I've always been very pleased with the coloring of the photos! Check their website, they usually have a coupon code and you can order online and pick up in store.

Artifact Uprising makes gorgeous, thick photographs on a thick paper.  I ordered their square set when they had an offer to get them free and boy was I impressed!  I mean these photos are probably the most gorgeous I've ever ordered.  The way they're printed is simply stunning. 

Social Print Studio is an amazing service for printing your Instagram photos!  Get those photos off your phones people! :) :)  I especially love their deck of 365 photos that are tear-off style so you can have a new photo a day, each day of the year. 

Any other photography questions for me?  Ask away! 
Also, I'm I have openings for the new year for lifestyle sessions if you're interested!  These sessions are focused on me, capturing you and yours, within the routines and rhythms of your own beautiful story and home. 
Last….offer someone a photograph this Christmas season


  1. Thanks for the tips on the printing of photos. I really appreciate them.

  2. For Christmas last year, we gave family and friends a loaf of bread with some photos attached that I'd taken during that past year.
    Do you make scrapbooks for your girls?


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