Interrupting "Offerings" …for the most random post ever. (I need your thoughts)

Happy Thanksgiving week friends, both near and far!  I was doing so well posting my Offerings series and still have lots more to go.  But today as I noticed the thoughts piling up in my brain that I wanted to ask or share with you, I decided we'd hit "pause" on the series for just a day or two.  It feels like so long since I've picked your brains!  How are you and your section of the world?  Several of you have written to say you're reading the new blog posts and for that, I am grateful and honored.  
While the weather has continued to be quite warm (I know, the lamest subject for a blog post), the leaves have fallen and the other morning we had a real good frost.  The kind that just simply takes your breath away.  I've still been taking pictures with my beloved Nikon, even though they haven't made it on here yet.  But, there is great beauty to be seen this time of year.  What about you?  Are you pausing to ponder the beauty of this new season?  
I suppose the biggest piece of news I have to share with you currently is that Brett and I have decided to go to NYC for a couple of nights in December! We are beyond excited and a bit overwhelmed at trying to plan all that big city goodness into just a few days.  We obviously have the big stuff on our agenda, like Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, walking the Brooklyn Bridge…etc.  BUT, here's where I need your help! Where do you recommend to eat?  
I must have read hundreds of fantastic restaurant recommendations via Pinterest and TripAdvisor.  So many it made my head swim.  As you know, we really love food and different flavors and types of food.  We're not afraid to venture outside the burger and pizza realm.  So please share away! 

Other than that we're right smack in the middle of holidays and two family birthdays and mostly trying to be intentional about the girls really getting the reasons why we do Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Tomorrow night we're going to have our first ever "Nativity Night", where we eat a special snack dinner by candlelight, read the Christmas story, and slow down to unwrap each piece of our new nativity set.  I am praying it is a time for us to savor….savor Jesus, His love, and a certain sweet stillness that only He can provide during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. 

I have a few other questions I want to run by you and then I'll leave you with some fun links I've been wanting to share!  First, a few ideas are popping up over and over in my mind for my art, business, and passions come spring.  So, can I pick your brain a bit and see if these are things you are interested in too?  Please don't be afraid to share your thoughts in the comments or via email (  

First, I am thinking of doing a free or donation only rosy retreat day next spring-A day to recharge, make friends, craft, photograph, and just be.  But I really keep hearing and seeing God gently remind me of many, many faces of women who wouldn't be able to come to an event because of finances…who would benefit from a day like this, just as much as someone who could pay $100. 

Second…a long string of random thoughts, business wise-making a rosy life coloring book, self-published book (a children's book and one with photography), new art (obvs) but in handmade wooden frames, scripture art…and a few other things up my sleeve.  What would you like to see? Have I missed something? 

I'll also be continuing my Lifestyle Photography sessions this winter/spring as well….capturing you and yours within the comforts of your own home.  You can email me for more information! 
Last, a few of my favorite links to last you through the week! 
Prints are still on sale in my shop and the shop will close up until next spring here in a couple of weeks! 
My holiday Pinterest board is sure to inspire.  Unless Pinterest panics you. Then never mind. :)
And here are a few of my favorite blogs…

Lend me your thoughts on the questions above and HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK friends!
I am so, so thankful for you. 


  1. Love the Nativity Night idea!! And your heart to do a by donation day retreat!

  2. I do think going to Ellis Island is so interesting. It was one of my favorites... The Boathouse in Central Park
    is a fun place to eat and Tavern on the Green is magical too.


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