New from the studio (fall art)

We're suspended in-between days of hot temperatures which feel like a tease that summer is still here and cool mornings where we dive back under the covers.  But overall the mysterious, cozy, moody sense of fall has arrived.  Foggy mornings and changing colors have certainly settled into my soul and fingers when painting lately.  

Several new autumn art pieces have lined the shelves of my shop, in honor of this brand new season. 

These minis are perfect for tucking into an envelope and sending a friend a treat…no tricks here!

These next few pieces are so dear to me but aren't finished yet. I've definitely been in the studio every single day, painting.  And I love that.  Some days it's for five minutes, other days an hour.  Some days I love what I paint, other days I want to throw it out.  But these pieces….I love.

I'm curious to see where these 8x10 canvas panels will end up.  The dark, rich shades of autumn are definitely affecting my color choices.  It feels different than my norm and I like that.  For the top piece with the circles, I wanted the dark to feel as dark as a winter night and the bright spots to feel as light as Christ's love that never, ever burns out.  Ever.  
I mentioned briefly on Instagram one day about having lots of artsyideas (as always), but not knowing what to do with them or where to put them or whether to say them out loud or keep quiet for now.  I miss the people that came with doing retreats and classes and craft nights.  But after two events having zero sign-ups it's hard to want to try another.  I'm not sure if I don't have the correct marketing or whether I should steer away from local classes and try an online one instead (so all you lovely blog readers could take it!).  We shall see.  For now, I bravely continue to paint, reminding myself "it's not the critic that counts, but the one who is daring greatly."  

God has this.  Totally not a cliche' thing to say, like He really does.  He wouldn't make my soul light up and pound hard over art and beauty and details and photography and people only to torture me with it. I'm loving my people and community well, praying to know my Jesus better, and waiting.  Praying for the right opportunities to come…for wisdom to know when to say yes and when to say no, for the right people to spur me on with the right intentions (you lovely readers already do that, thank-you), to not compare myself into quitting when it feels like there isn't room for me at the table…
real-life thoughts and prayers of showing up and being an artist.
I suppose my "plan" for my art for the next year to ten years or even longer kinda feels like this piece above.  Every time I have extra paint at the end of a session I wipe it here instead of wasting it.  I'm hoping to eventually create something beautiful from little dabs of this and that, that would have otherwise been wasted.  I have no plan for the next year, but to grow as an artist.  To fly. To take bits and pieces of life from here and there and make beautiful art with it.  Art that speaks to souls..that makes tears jump into eyes without warning. Art that makes us feel.

This work in progress is one of my top favorites I've ever done.  Something about that blue…
gets straight to my soul.  I'm excited to show you where this piece is headed once I work on this a bit more.

This happy space is my sanctuary.  You can't even imagine the prayers uttered by the thousands I've said while looking out that little window.  Thank-you for allowing me to share my journey as an artist with you.  It is one of my greatest pleasures to grow, stretch my wings, and paint and be able to share it with you.  Let's see where autumn and winter takes us, shall we? 
One day at a time, one painting at a time, one sketch at a time…putting heart and soul right onto the paper.  I'll be back soon to share more studio scenes, but until then,
dare greatly, my friends. 

(Shop Talk: 8x10 art prints are made with archival inks and Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster.  Original canvases have been sealed to protect them from the elements.  All packages mail in a sturdy, cardboard mailer with a Do Not Bend sticker and you are notified within 24 hours of purchase of your shipping date.  Each package always contains a little extra something) 


  1. I would love to take one of your classes, but I live on the west coast :(
    Your artwork is bright and cheery, very inspiring!

  2. Sara,
    I've always been so bummed that I don't live closer because I would sign up for every single workshop or retreat!

    If you ever decide to do an online photography class, I would love to be challenged to go find certain shots or items. All I have is my iphone camera, but it's sufficient for me. I would just love for someone to give me tips and then challenge me to be better at seeing through my lens.

  3. I love your idea with the 'dab of this and that' canvas. I might do something similar with unstretched canvas and sew something with it when its finished. And I would LOVE it if you did an online class. I would definitely take it. Jo

    1. Thanks Jo! :) If you make a "this and that" canvas I must see!


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