An easy apple party

Happy Saturday! The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today..the sun is burning warm on my shoulders while I write this and it feels so good.  I have a quick idea I want to share with you today that involves a seasonal favorite, apples.  Every year we have some version of an apple party.  Some years I decorate, like you would for a "real" party, other years we put out a few different types of apples for the kids and call it done and a party both.  This year was kind of like that.
We invited our home church friends and mamas over and started by reading this apple book.  Then we sliced up all different types of apples and let the kids vote on which was their favorite. 
(organic honeycrisp-our kiddos have expensive taste, lol!)

Last, we let them try out this apple slicer/peeler someone gifted us for our wedding.
Then we shooed everybody outside to play and called it a party.  
It was super fun and the kids had such a good time we *may* have had a few tears when it was time for everyone to leave.  :)  I love a styled, decorated party just as much as the next person but our kids don't even need all that to have a good time.  

A few other ideas you could include for your own party would be bobbing for apples, or painting with apples.  Or even making caramel apples!  Wouldn't that be sticky and tasty and fun?! 
Thanks for being the apple of my eye.