In favor of beautiful, everyday life

A couple of years ago I had this idea that I randomly mentioned to Brett one evening. 
To photograph everyday life for other people. After all, that is the medium I choose for my own photography style.  Photography is somewhat like painting, so picture with me a shelf with bottles of paint labeled with various types of photography.  Props and Still Life, Real Life, Posed….

Kind of like a choose your own adventure.  I've often read one type of photographer slam another and I think it's not fair.  Whether you shoot with a phone camera, or have years of expertise in the field, I think your eyes matter most to me when I view your photos.  Because when I look at your photos and even mine, the ones that get me might not even be technically "right".  But they get straight to my heart, make tears spring up, make me feel something.  And isn't that what this flesh and bone body is made to do? To feel

I think so.   Back to my idea.  I had the idea, tossed it around in my head, and then let it go.  As I shared my idea with the world, I watched it trail away, this way and that, not knowing where it would land (or if it would at all).  And that seems to be the stuff of dreamers right there.  The few and far between lucky ones have instant success, big numbers, and dreams that land immediately.  For the rest of us with our heads partially in the clouds, we wait and wonder.  And how brave we are! Not silly, not ridiculous.  

Last week a friend approached me and asked if I would photograph her family, in their home, doing their normal routine.  "Really?!" was my response and my soul leapt!  

Really.  Today, here's to sticking with ideas and going with your gut. 

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  1. Wonderful!

    I love this: "for the rest of us with our heads partially in the clouds, we wait and wonder. And how brave we are! Not silly, Not ridiculous."

    I have this written next to my computer: "good things take time." I think it's a good reminder.


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