{diy} Chai Tea

 Things feel far from fall on this hot, last of summer day.  But, a week or so ago we had "cooler" temps (like 70's maybe?) and with my toes snuggled under a blanket I anticipated the nights spent curled up with a book, next to the wood-burning fire.  I love a warm drink on a cold night as much as anybody.  Sometimes I opt for a plain cup of tea, warmth coming as easily as dipping a tea bag in some hot water. Yet other nights I crave something a bit more special, a bit more of a treat.  
 Enter this wonderful-smelling and tasting chai tea. 
I first read a similar recipe here and decided to make the recipe my own by simplifying the ingredients and process.  Although if you are in a creative food rut or looking to eat clean, delicious food, definitely give this original recipe a look as well as the rest of the Minimalist Baker blog!  It's highly inspiring. 
To make this super easy, super comforting and tasty chai tea you only need three things: 
Cashew or Almond milk (plain, unsweetened)
Tazo Chai Natural Spiced Black Tea bags
and Honey! 
To make simply brew the tea by dropping one tea bag in a small pot of water on the stovetop.  Once the tea is nice and dark, lift the tea bag out and add some cashew or almond milk.  Sweeten with a bit of honey and you're done!  Pour into your favorite mug and let the warmth go all the way to your toes. 
At the end of photographing this decadent treat I had a little helper. :) 

She's as sweet as honey! 
Raise a glass of chai tea and let's make a toast to cozy nights that are sure to come. 
If you make this, let me know!