Good morning to you!

I have the peppiest "Goooooooood morning, good morning to you!" song on my cheap $30 cell phone that wakes me up in the mornings.  It's cheesy and just what I need first thing in the morning because it always makes me chuckle a bit.  So today I say to you-"Good morning".  Picture me singing it and maybe that'll start your Monday off with a laugh.

I really left you all hanging with the biggest post/advertisement ever last week, didn't I?  That was slightly on purpose, but not really.  Brett ended up taking a couple of days off work and we fit so much in during our four day weekend.  It just might have been my favorite weekend of the summer because of the variety of fun we had.  Aren't those kinds of little breaks in life nice?  

We went to the local pool, I decorated the 10-year vow renewal (pics soon!!) and went to a Mary Kay party.  Brett and I went camping alone to celebrate our 7-year anniversary and had a little day trip to Eureka Springs in the process.  We did farm drives with the girls, and drives down dusty, dirt roads with Johhny Cash blaring.  We got ice cream, played chase, and the girls worked in the garden with their daddy.  You know, the real good stuff of life.  The little things that are actually the big things and all that jazz.  
It was glorious, just being together before the rush of the school year starts and schedules get a bit more strict.  I feel like such a mom when I say the summer has flown by.  But it has!  

This week life is feeling very full, before it's even started!  Full in a good way though.  I have a few decorating projects for the house planned, a few business things to work on, and we have family in town from Virginia!  

How about you?  

"Don't you think the web itself is a miracle?" 

Here's to miracles on a Monday. 


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