diy butterfly poster (vintage inspired)

The air is crisp this morning, the bird's chatter quite loud.  And of course, we can't forget the poor 'ol rooster across the street who crows morning, afternoon, and evening.  The world feels alive, although the darker mornings and cooler temperatures have the girls and I begging to stay under the covers just one more minute.  Whatever will we do,  come winter?  I'm just not quite sure.  

Just as the weather is hinting at the change in season and schedule, it's also spurred along some change on the blog as well.  I'm excited to be adding more DIY posts, decorating ideas, and simple ways to live an artful life right in your own home, within your own rich world this fall and winter.  Starting with this vintage inspired butterfly poster.  I have wanted one of the vintage butterfly/insect charts for a long time but after checking out the price range on Etsy (between $15-$80) I decided I'd have to come up with an idea of my own.  

I gathered some vintage book pages from my old book stash, most found 1/2 off at the thrift store.  I created the background for the poster by simply hot gluing the pages together.  Thank goodness for hot glue!  I find it to be my bff when doing home projects. 
Next, I started cutting out butterflies and moths from this vintage book I also thrifted a while back.  I suppose I wasn't technically correct because when cutting these I left the antennae out.  The tiny lines were too difficult to cut around and although I intended to go back and add them with marker, I'm just now remembering.  This is real life folks!  This type of book is one I would buy for maybe a dollar or two if I saw it, just because there are so many uses for it.  I've also cut out these butterflies and used them in my art before and they'd make lovely additions to place cards or a table centerpiece as well.  
To finish I hot glued the butterflies and moths onto my vintage book page poster, added some string, and was done! I would say this project maybe cost $1, if we're stretching it. 
The best part was watching the girls notice the poster on their own and hearing them ooooh and ahhh over it.  We truly love nature in our home!

Do you have any vintage books laying around you could make something with?  The next time you're thrifting, keep an eye out for any books on insects, butterflies, etc. You can always browse Etsy as well!  I found several books that would work perfect for this project for around $5.  

Happy creating!  If you make your own poster and post it to IG, use the hashtag #therosylifeblog to share!


  1. Great idea! I have been working at photographing butterflies. This would be a great way to use them.

    1. Thank-you so much! I hadn't even thought of using photographs, that would really be gorgeous! :)

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