Gather 'round my friends.

It's almost Thursday....again.  How did that happen?  I sit down to write here in this space and I really just wish you could each squeeze in around our tiny table and give me a line or two about how you are, like how you really are.  Things are just moving so fast this summer!  That's been my response every time someone has asked how I'm doing lately-busy but good.  A very good busy.  

I have way more photos than time to post lately and I'm glad about that.  I've had one too many seasons with very little inspiring me and the "slump" feeling.  The seasons with lots of extra time and no desire to record our day to day.  Golly, that just sounded incredibly depressing! 
I didn't mean for it too.  I just meant that life has been full to the brim, from sun up 'till sundown and so my little blog has taken somewhat of a back seat.  

Do you know that even if your days feel as full as mine, I'd still encourage you to pick up your phone camera or digital camera?  To me, those are the very times we especially need to record.  If not, even the good kind of busy can become a blur and we try to think back and remember where it was we decided to spend all our seconds and minutes like quarters and dollars and draw a blank.

So click and capture away my friend. 
Then when things slow down (hello Winter, I mean you) you can slow down and print the photos or make a photo book or upload a gazillion to a blog all at once.  

I'm going to borrow Shauna Niequest's words from her Facebook page because it perfectly sums up where my feet have landed this summer.  I have no idea if it's legal to do so and I don't intend to start borrowing other people's fb statues so no angry mail please, haha! 

She says "This week I'm making some big work decisions, & I can't imagine I'm the only one. Whatever has to be decided this week, let's do this: let's choose the thing that will allow us to live with the greatest amount of love, honesty, courage & connection--to God, to the people we love, to the beautiful world we live in.
Let's not choose what's easy or shiny or impressive--let's be about deeper & more meaningful pursuits: what will last? What will make the world brighter? What will transform us along the way?
Who's in? 
Yes and amen.  
And again, yes and amen. 
With that said, I've been making my choices a bit differently lately.  Saying "yes" more to fun things like this!  Anna Ruth somehow remembered this fun activity and requested to do it again.  Within seconds the girls were giggling with glee! 

It was even major fun for me!  But let's face it, I love being a mama because I get to do all the kids things too! It's like a second childhood and it is fuuuun! 

Our garden is well underway and I've made it my little pet project this summer.  I've spent hours and hours weeding with Catty (our cat) and Bouncy (our dog) by my side. 
Have you ever gotten down on your hands and knees and peeked into the garden? 
It is the most fascinating world I can imagine. 
Bugs and beauty everywhere. 
I planted this blueberry bush myself and I don't know whether to be proud or not! 
I'm proud because it obviously grew. 
But we only had one plump blueberry grow. 
Isn't that funny?
Shhhhh...don't tell Anna Ruth because Betsy Grace was the only one around the blueberry and I totally let her pick it and eat it. 

Then we saw this fascinating bug climbing!  Some days I wish God was right there with me, in the flesh, to tell me what all this stuff is! But maybe that would take the fun out of it.  Not having God around, that would be a blast! But perhaps the mystery of the bugs is what makes them so wonderful. 

I also dug all the potatoes by myself this year and THAT was a proud moment. 

I've traded the "dreadmill" for garden work this summer, even though I attempted to get on it at the start.  Weeding and working in the garden is far more satisfying!

What will I do when winter comes? 

I suppose I must end our lovely conversation tonight with a big "thank-you". 

Like the kind where I look you straight in the eyes with tears and go in for a hug. 
I've read all your kind, helpful, smart responses on my last post and you have given me much to be thankful for and some fabulous ideas! 

I pray buckets of sunshine and rosy moments arrive on your doorsteps. 

I'm going to mull over your lovely ideas and I bet closer to fall I'll be back to posting a bit more and we can see what fun you and I shall have on the blog together-how does that sound? 

'Till then, I look forward to popping in next time! 


  1. Hi Sara,
    Love your new blog design. So fitting for an artist. I do hope you continue to enjoy your summer. Enjoy your family and enjoy your photos and art. I can't wait to see what you create.
    Jo xx

    1. Joanne, thank-you so much for your kind words about my blog redesign! It is always nice to have you. :)

  2. Good busy sounds pretty perfect! Because I go back to work in September while my husband stays home with the children I'm focussing on really drawing out and savouring each day, and it's been wonderful!

    1. Hi Carie! Going back to work certainly sounds like it will be an adventure! :) I know you'll do great.


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