Will you give your thoughts? (I have ideas galore)

I must have sat in silence at the computer for at least a good ten minutes today before letting my fingers click away.  Ten minutes for a talker like myself is a very long time.  "Should I tell them how much I appreciate them?  Should I give them the same summer recap as last week?  Is their life as busy as mine, but in such a good way?"  These are the thoughts spinning today.  If you're thinking how on earth I can write about our summer in a new way today, hear me out.  

This time, the spotlight's on you my blogger friends.
The truth is having two very active, fun toddler gals keeps a mama busy!  If you're a mama at all, you get me.  My focus shifted a whole lot back in May.  I decided I wanted my family and community to feel the most loved and taken care of first and that everything else would have to take a back seat and be the icing on the cake, but not the whole cake.  That means I've decided to spend evenings gardening and afternoons mowing in order to show my love for Brett.  It means I'd rather follow the tug in my heart that says "give that painting away" then spend hours trying to sell it.  It means a lot of things.  But mostly it leaves me with "plans" suspended in the air, floating in the breeze, not sure where to land.  
I advertised my Craft Night but just had one response, after I'd already closed sign-ups.  My art shop is very slow this time of year as well (hopefully everyone is spending their money on travel!) and so I'm left wondering which ideas to chase next.
I'm an idea person you know.  Not because I try to be, I just am.  I drive by old buildings and see unique opportunities.  While taking out the trash or folding the laundry ideas pop into my head for one creative opportunity or another.  That is both good and bad.  Sometimes I want to turn the handle like on a faucet and turn the ideas right off.  Especially when things get quiet on the receiving end of things.  But the truth is, this is exactly how God has made my brain and in being brave and following my dreams I have heard countless times "you inspired me to ____________". So I guess I'll always be willing to take one for the team, step out of my comfort zone, and try something new if it freed someone else up to follow their dreams as well.  

With that said, I have a few dreams floating around my head but I really don't even want to speak them out.  This summer has been overflowing with family and friend time and because of it my sense of community is strong.  You couldn't pay me to change that.  Between camping and gardening and manual work on the farm (taking the place of the treadmill, hooray!), fun with the girls...well, there's just been plenty of time of not lingering on a dream or idea but letting it float around in my head and that's it.  So there's lots of floating going on.  Ideas floating past each other, running into each other.....

And that's precisely where you come in.  

For now, I'm going to keep a bit quiet on my end...well, at least for this week (lol). 
I will say Molly of Life Made Lovely Designs is giving my blog a big 'ol makeover this week and I've been waiting months for that! I'm so very excited! 

In the quiet and waiting, 
will you speak up? 
Whisper, shout, share with me? 
I'd love your input on a few questions about my blog and teaching schedule...
(this isn't an announcement of any kind, I just want to see where my ideas and yours meet up)
1.) What do you enjoy or learn from the most from The Rosy Life?
(I already know I'm world's worst at responding to comments so you don't have to mention it...it's on my "forever" list of improvements-ha!)

What else would you like to see on the blog?  What do you need help with?
(diy, more art, more kid ideas, food/health, or stay as is?)

2.) As far as our interaction beyond you stopping in to read.....
what would you like to participate in? 
This is for the locals and non-locals alike.

Photography retreats, craft nights, an e-course with video (from my Nikon!), mail exchange for readers, in-home photo sessions capturing you naturally and in your real life, or something else?

I'd be honored and so appreciative if you'd let me in on your thoughts.
I look forward to building The Rosy Life community even more in the coming months! 


  1. Ok let's see:
    1: I love your pictures, I love watching art come together and I see so many similarities in your family life to ours (we also have two small girls - and their baby brother)
    1a: what would I enjoy more of. I love hearing about the farm and children's art ideas sounds like fun but I enjoy what you write right now!
    2: I'm very very not local (!) so a post exchange sounds like fun, I'd be up for that :)

  2. Sara, I'm a lot like you in the idea department. It is a real struggle for me to stop producing ideas and starting new projects and while I love that my brain thinks like that, it is equally exhausting!

    I would love to see you organize your posts in the way of Art one day, Photography tips one day, walk around the farm one day, what the girls are up to one day, decorating, date nights, health, and personal happenings each on their own days.

    Your blog always inspires me so obviously I like it now, but these are just ideas, since you asked.

    I wish I lived closer and I would come to all your events!

  3. Hi Sara,
    1. I love your blog because it inspires me. I love your beautiful colourful photos and I love hearing about your creative journey. Your dreams and passions are so similar to mine. If I could, I would come to your retreats. But unfortunately I live in Australia so it can't happen. I often feel alone in my creative world. Your blog (and others like it) help me connect with other arty people and I sometimes don't feel so alone.
    2. I guess if I was to suggest anything for you to add to your blog it would be more DIY stuff. Ideas, techniques etc to inspire me in my creative process. I am happy for you to do whatever you want to do on your blog as long as it helps your creative process as well as inspiring others.
    3. Videos are great. I love them. I was just saying to my husband the other day that I think I might need to try and work out how to add videos to my blog. I know I often go back to blogs who share videos and have on line classes.
    Whatever you do please keep being you. Your blog inspires me and I am grateful i found you in cyberland. :) Jo

  4. I agree with Jo... when she said whatever you do keep being "you." Your blog is authentic and full of wonderful things. I really like it when you share the process of how you make your art and photos...so helpful. I also like your photos and your poems and funny stories! I really would like to attend a retreat and so many times wish I lived closer!!

  5. Hi Sara. I love to read your blog and see your pictures and read about your projects and see what art you are making and all of it. I've noticed that you have several like-minded readers that live way-far-away, but in some way, we are all connected through you. Maybe there is a way to bring us together virtually...some DIY projects that we try at the same time or a technique that we work on and then share, or show-and-tell about something we did that was inspired by you. I'm just brainstorming. Enjoy your week, and have fund dreaming!

  6. Hi, I'm an old lady who does daycare for grandchildren. My creativè life has been on hold for a while. The one way I stay in touch with that side of me isby following two blogs, yours and Alisa Burke's. I love the way you both incorporate your children into your creativee lives. Children are such a blessing and you share that through your blog. I guess, I'm saying keep up what you have been doing.

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  8. I love ur photographs about life...nd ur postivity...that brings me back to ur blog everysingle time :)

  9. And ur honesty...I know its difficult to tell everyone that sales are slow...(noone has ever bought mine) .... But u r hanging on..nd staying strong...I love that...it gives me strength :)

  10. I love what you do and really enjoy your posts all the way from Ottawa, Canada. Keep it up!

  11. Love your new blog design, it's so pretty! And I love all of your posts, just keep doin what you do!


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