Art. Originals for sale. (and painting on the go)

Friends, my hands have been covered in paint for daaaays and it feels fabulous! Ok, so if I'm being honest, covered in dirt from the garden first, then washed clean to be covered in paint.  All that to say, it's been a fun time of creating around here lately! 

A few posts back I wrote about my summer, explaining it was time for me to simply float.  Time to breathe, and give myself space to play.  I've done exactly that.  What fun it has been!  I never do well over-thinking a painting or anything creative really.  When I just let myself do what comes naturally to me I'm always pleased with the result.  This particular canvas above was one of the two original canvases I created for the giveaway winners during my one-year celebration as an artist! 
After a year of lists and lists and even more lists, and plans galore, I'm loving the freedom I've given myself to play with all sorts of ideas and mediums to really hone in on "the rosy style" that I want to tell.  This little wall is where I hung some favorites...just little things I've created on purpose or even some on accident (like "Rise and Shine").  I'm hoping to add bits and pieces to the wall over the summer, each one adding a bit more to the story of the rosy life.  
A really fun way I'm learning what colors and patterns I like to put together is through this altered book!  I started with this book from the thrift store and first painted the cover.  

After many, many layers later and even more "I don't like this" feelings, I pushed on through and created two covers (front and back) that I LOVE.  While teaching my first mixed-media class last weekend (what a blast it was!) I shared with one of the gals that I always reach a point with my art where I think I don't like it at all.  Always.  Every. Single. Time.  Isn't that funny?  Now my first reaction is to stop and just throw it away.  But I don't, ever.  I either keep the art in a journal to study on and figure out what I didn't like about it.  Or I keep on trucking,  painting away until I reach an end product I adore.  I think this must be why so many people quit painting....seeing something you're uncomfortable with is well, uncomfortable. But pushing on through, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel. 
(I'll share pages from the inside of my summer journal later this week!)
I also tried my hand at a bit of artsy goodness in the garden.  One morning I quickly painted the tops of some scrap wood all sorts of colors and stuck them around the garden edge.  I didn't get as far as I would have liked, but the little girls were begging to paint the whole time.  So I was pleased with this amount (and yes, let them paint!).  
Brett says it looks like Sara's been here. 
Exactly as it should.  
I suppose if I stop to think about it, I've got about 3 art journals going right now.  All for playing, experimenting, and just having fun.  I took my travel watercolor set on our camping trip (more on all that soon) last week and the pages below are what I did at the camp site, while the girls played and Brett cooked.  It was a sweet moment for me and oh, so relaxing.  I never sit down to paint like that at home while the girls play.  They did paint with me some, but the sticks, pinecones, and dirt were more interesting after a while. 

I will probably go back and add some fun details to these watercolor pages...or maybe not.  We'll see!

I wanted to tell you about the original canvas sale I'm having on IG this week!
You can find me here!
I have a whole stack of original canvases I'll be listing over there, around 1:30 this afternoon.  
If you're not on Instagram you can always view the page from your computer and send me an email ( if you see one you're interested in! 

See ya soon friends!  We have a busy week of summer fun ahead of us. 
How about you?