Celebration Week: Day 3! (freebie for you!)

Hi friends and welcome to Day 3 of my big celebration week!  In case you haven't heard, I'm celebrating one full year bravely living my artist dream!  My art doesn't just limit itself to paints and paintbrushes. I often go back to my first love, which was photography.  In fact, I have some fun new things coming to the shop this summer that are more photography based and I am just so excited about them! 

Today I have a freebie for you!  
(Edit-I had a spelling error in my previously posted freebie :( so I added something different for you instead!)

Go here to download this print for free! 
Feel free to print at home or use another printing service, but remember this is for personal use only please.


  1. So glad you are living your dream! Congrats on your success! (just wondering if it the image is supposed to say stacks "of" books instead of stacks f books?) Love your blog and I enjoy your inspirational messages!

  2. Thank-you for your encouragement and for pointing out my spelling error! I appreciate it!

  3. So fun! Loving your celebration week! And the free print is daaaarrrling. But the link isn't working....?

    1. I'm so sorry for this! I just had the most difficult time getting this little idea to get going today. BUT, the link should now be fixed! Thank-you for your kindness!

  4. PS: You are too cute for words. xoxo, Bree

  5. Congratulations to you Sara for being a dream chaser!!!


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