Celebration Week: Day 2 (a shop coupon code!)

Good morning friends! We continue the week of celebrating with a coupon code! 
My shop is full of happy, colorful 8x10 art prints and you can enjoy 30% off using the code above!  Simply enter the coupon code at checkout! The code is good for one full week so you have plenty of time to order.

The balloon art brings me to my next lesson learned during the past year.  Art journaling is a MUST.  I used to only create original canvases.  No sketching, no art journaling.  That wasn't necessarily bad, but it put so much pressure on myself to want to make great original canvases every single time.  It was a fellow artist who suggested I art journal.  I'm so glad I listened!  Every day I do some art journaling, which essentially is like practice.  In an art journal, anything goes.  You can experiment, get messy, make mistakes, and also make art you really love!  Then when you're ready to tackle a canvas you have so many ideas to choose from. 

I currently keep three types of art journals-one for all types of media and paint, which is the journal you see here.  The next is for watercolor only and the last is for sketching with my Stabilo pencil so that particular journal is mainly black and white.  And guess what? I love the variety all three journals provide! 

Thanks for letting me share and now go get yourself some happy art from the shop to brighten your walls and home!  Don't forget to enter the coupon code at checkout for 30% OFF!

(see ya tomorrow for more fun)


  1. Intersting art journal ideas.... thanks for sharing.

    1. You are so welcome! I find having a variety of journals to work in keeps me challenged!


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