Hooray for Hat! A book and activity.

Oh my word, have you read this cute little book? 
We just adore it.  
We are regular library people and thoroughly enjoy getting as many books as our library will allow...which is 30.  Some months we make it to the library weekly or every other week and then other times (like now-eek!) life fills up and we hit "renew" until we've reached the six-week mark.  

Any way you look at it though, we love the library!  Sometimes we even find a book that captivates us enough we want to do an activity alongside it.  This is definitely that kind of book.
Hooray for Hat is all about friends cheering each other up and sharing and using your creativity.  Each of the friends contributes something to another animal's hat, in order to cheer them up.  
So one afternoon I set out the book, a stack of paper bowls, and tons of accessories for the hat.  The girls got to create their own hats, just like in Hooray for Hat!  
I helped with the glue gun and they told me where they wanted everything to go. 
I'd say the activity was a hit! 

Hooray for Hat indeed! 


  1. Oh my goodness! That last photo is precious!
    I will definitely have to do this with my kids.

    1. I hope you get a chance to try this! It was such an easy and quick activity for us and the girls just loved it! :)

  2. So totally obsessed with this! Ada goes to the library every week with her grandma. I just asked her to get this book tomorrow! :)

    1. Yeah, I hope you found the book! :) (I am mailing your art print tomorrow!)


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