Weekend Recap. The lazy gal's version.

Well, I don't know if calling myself "lazy" is entirely accurate, but here I am, nonetheless.  We had weekend with lots of home time, which on the surface might seem rather mundane and normal.  But I've grown to appreciate the "normal"….for us it meant that everyone was healthy, the house was so warm and cozy we'd rather just stay in, and we were all together.  
 We tackled several home projects without really planning to do so and that felt incredibly nice.  We woke up and were met with cold rain and decided it was the perfect opportunity to fluff our nest.  Well, I did most of the fluffing and Brett did the heavy-lifting, drilling, and basically all the hard parts.  I even gave my studio a real good cleaning out and reorganized several areas.  WHOA, big time stuff I know.
I redid the blog banner too and although I love the pictures and layout I don't love how fuzzy it is…so pretend with me for now that you have big happy tears over something good in your eyes and that's why my banner looks fuzzy. lol. And we'll see in the meantime what I can do about sharpening it up.
Tonight we filled our bellies with pizza and snuggled close together to watch Richard Scarry before sending the girls, sleepy and sweet, off to bed. 

The house has been spruced for spring and a whole fresh week is ahead of us. 
What hope, what possibility likes ahead! 
I pray to be led by God almighty Himself this week.

I'm looking forward to showing you some rearranged house decor this week, a little mini house tour of sorts! I'll also be sharing how I make my art prints and some thoughts on breathing deep on the back deck.  And we'll see if I conquer any of the craftiness that's taking over my brain. 

I hope to see ya this week! Say "hello" and stay awhile..I sure do enjoy hearing from each of you. 


  1. Hello and Happy Monday! Sounds like the perfect weekend too me and you were quite busy. Looking forward to seeing your house tour and other fun stuff planned. We got hit with a ton of snow, staying inside and painting and reading is on the top of my list after all the shoveling.

    Wishing you a blessed week.

    1. Hi Dawn! I hope you were able to stay toasty and warm! My girls are just wishing and hoping for a big snow, but we'll see ! Do you all play out in the snow or stay in?

  2. I got connected with your blog when you were featured on Alisa Burke's blog. I started following you right away. I love your art and cheery attitude! I also have two girls 3.5 and 1 and my girls have some of the same pajamas. Anyway, thanks for blogging I surely am enjoying it!

    1. Hi Krista! It is so nice to meet you and nice to meet another mom with two littles like myself! Also glad you don't mind seeing my girls in their pj's, lol :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend- warm, cosy and productive!

    1. Yes Carie, I suppose it was quite warm and productive! Sometimes I like lazy weekends but other times it's more relaxing to get things done! :)


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