Art lately.

It's no secret I love living an artists' life. Stepping inside a painting, letting my fingers speak what my voice can't.  We're not much into tv at our house, other than Curious George or a movie for the girls.  Art is my retreat.  Here's what I've been up to lately.  

This little stack was created with spring in mind….I'm ready for a fresh start.  Creating some space for breathing room is in the plan for me soon.  Time to get a fresh lease on life just in time for spring.  

Happy little stacks of hand-painted notebooks and tags are popping up in the studio…getting ready for  the show in April.  Next month there's a Meet and Greet event in March I'm excited to attend.  It's a chance for the vendors to meet and get some additional information about the show.  It will be nice to hopefully meet some local people with creative passions.  

I finished these little canvases recently as well…
a lot of times I post finished work and a bit more of the story behind each one on Instagram.  I'm "therosylifeblog" if you want to take a peek! 

I'll keep it sweet and short…but "Gone Wishin'" to me is all about choosing to wish, daydream, and keep my head in the clouds often enough to keep the darkness of life at bay. 

And Keep on the Sunny Side is a favorite song we like to sing as Brett strums his guitar. 

It does my heart all kinds of good to peek into the craft room and see a happy pile of works in progress.

One day the girls and I made these yarn-wrapped branches.  I'm not quite sure what mine is supposed to be and I don't really care either…I just know that I like it for some reason.  Good enough for me! 
Last, but certainly not least, I created this Spring Bucket List which is available as an 8x10 print in the shop!

What activities have you done lately that have filled your soul up?


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