roses and rain.

This morning was all about thanking God for roses and rain. 

I captured these within the quiet of my own home. 
No one watching, no Instagram likes going crazy, no Facebook shares. 
Just me, my camera, and God.  My feet feeling like they were on holy ground. 

A roar of applause being felt in my heart and heard in my ears for stopping when I felt God stir my soul and say "look, right there."   All of heaven giving me a standing ovation that I noticed the holy moment right before me.  That I stopped to lean into my passions, confident in myself.   That darkness didn't win by keeping my legs and mind running so fast I whizzed right by the beautiful roses.

There's a certain feeling that almost takes over my entire body when I'm photographing things or making art or creating.  And really "feeling" is not even a big enough word for it.  It's like a giant string connecting me right back to God, no distractions along the way.  It's a direct call, each of us holding our own side of the tin can phone.  Stopping to answer God's whisper when something catches my eye is like a needle and thread that makes all the tiny squares of life make sense.  Connected and beautiful.  The patched up hurts and worn pieces of my life get stitched right next to a beautiful painting I made.  Rose photographs sidle up to real life, dark squares surrounded by so much color they don't seem so dark anymore….a thread from heaven binds each and every one of them together. 

I have a feeling the angels danced when I worshipped through roses and rain today.


  1. Just what I needed to read. Once again, you are a beautiful blessing and inspiration.


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