Little girls and flutters and flurries.

 I asked you all to respond to a reader's survey about my blog, knowing full well it would eat up some of your precious time.  And for some nice reason, you did.  A community of you answered my questions so thoughtfully and sweetly and I thank-you from the very bottom of my heart. This blogging thing can be tricky.  On the one hand I'm one of the bloggers who does it for fun, with some of my art business thrown in as well.  And I like that.  But on the other hand, I'm not high-tech, I'm pretty bad at responding to comments (but resolving to get better), and I don't seem to know all the networking tips to earn a huge following.  But, I'm here and this blog is my tool to show up to the good life.  To not let the negative or downside of life overtake the UP side.  There is (almost) always an up side.  
 You, my friends, are my up side.  I've always been a people person.  I mean, I was born a twin after all! God just didn't make me to be alone.  Showing up in cyberspace can sometimes feel quite alone.  Just a recording of memories between the computer and I.  But then you lovelies show up in numbers, messages, comments, and on Instagram and I feel the love, the connection.  And I know we're not alone, the computer and I.  And I thank-you.  I thank you over and over and over for encouraging me, supporting me, and quietly telling me to keep going.  
 I wrote on Instagram today that it had been a hard weekend of parenting.  Truth is, a lot of the last year has been hard. There's such a huge difference between having one semi-quiet little baby at home and TWO smart, sassy, passionate little toddler girls.  We are figuring this thing out, the girls and I, but not without a bit of weariness along the way.  And laughter too of course.  I just never know WHAT my girls will say next!  

 I love little photographs like these (taken before New Years, our tree is now down, much to Anna Ruth's dismay).  Little moments at the table with just Betsy Grace and I.  This gal loves to play.  She loves to sing and get real, real close to your face and touch your eyes and ears, and stick her finger in your nose.  She curls her tongue and lets out a happy sigh when things are going well in her world.  

 It has been amazingly fun and fascinating to notice her language take off the past few weeks!  She calls me "Ma" most of the time and although I'm not sure where she picked up on it I think it's just the cutest.  She also loves to point out the ladybugs that STILL sneak into our bedroom and then smash them with her cup or shoe or whatever she can get her hands on. 

See, I told you they were passionate! 
 The weather this winter has been quite bleak if I can say that without taking on the tone of Debbie Downer.  Gray skies, cold wind….on a lucky day, rain that feels romantic.  But no snow.  Not until today! This morning we awoke to little flurries and flutters falling from the sky.  
 This snow felt like it was heaven-sent.  I'm not terribly fond of winter, until the snow falls at least.  Then the world seems to fall quiet and a special kind of hush falls over the farm. 

I walked onto the back deck in Brett's shoes to capture a photo or two.  I knew I'd want to remember this later and after all life IS about trying to summon up the courage to capture the creative and lovely isn't it?!  If not, what else is there?  I turned to head back inside and gasped.  A spiderweb (my fave) had little teeny, tiny snowflakes caught in it.  It was like a magic web with the string lights showing in the background.  I think God must have smiled when my eyes noticed this.  He knows the way right to my heart.

 Of course, then it was time to head inside for pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee.  Always coffee.  

 Anna Ruth surprised us all by drawing her first snowman!!!! I was so, so proud of her and even more shocked when she let me take her picture with it!  I think this deserves a frame.
I mean really.
This is why I think picking up your camera or phone is worth it.  Today felt like it was mostly hard in the parenting department, but I prayed for God to help me and we made it.  My treat is getting to look at a photo of my girls that stops me in my tracks and reminds me of the great, enormous task raising two children is.  A bit of grace is in order, don't you think?  

One little habit that has really made our days flow and pulse with learning and creativity is having at least one special learning activity or art experiment a day for the girls.  Last week we did printmaking and the girls fell head over heels in love!  They have already been asking to do it again.  I look forward to sharing details with you later this week! 

And last, but not least, thank-you for kindly receiving my news in my last post about the art shop in April I'm participating in, as well as the Rosy Retreats I'm hosting in the spring and summer.  I know it was awfully early to post info about them, but my hope was that you could carefully consider each one with plenty of time to think them over.  I'll be reminding you about the sign-ups for the retreats and in the meantime you can find all the information you need on the Rosy Retreat tab above! 

Now, let's do this Monday and new week.  


  1. You know my favorite part of the last picture with the girls? They've got their snowsuits on over their pj's. That shows me a momma who knows how important getting out to play in the snow is when you're little and that "getting dressed" will just result in tears and dampen joy. You're doing such a good job being a mom, Sara. Stand strong. Press on. <3 Jen

    1. I just realized who this comment was from and big 'ol happy tears jumped right in my eyes. You are so special to me friend! Thank-you for your kind words.

  2. Thank you for reminding what an enormous job it is to raise kids. I am going to text my girls right now and tell them how proud I am of them. Great post my friend. Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for you.

    1. Thank-you Patty, for your words! You have encouraged me! And I'm still loving your outfit posts! Keep them coming!

  3. What a wonderful reminder of what is truly important. I know that I am too quick to get sucked into work and not on the kids.
    And I love your coffee mugs!

    1. Leah, I get sucked into the work too sometimes! I've been trying to be disciplined about only doing chores at a certain time and then playing too :) How are you liking your new camera?

  4. Hi, Sara,

    What a lovely post! One I totally didn't have time to read, much less comment on . . .but here I am doing just that!

    I love your positive attitude, even when things are hard. Raising kids is hard, no wait, raising kids right, is hard! And awesome and then they grow up and you have grands. And sometimes that's hard too! But man, oh man! What a bunch of blessings!

    Your home is lovely and cheerful and "rosy" ;) Your kids are adoable and I don't even know you, but it appears to me you are really rocking the crafty mom thing!

    All the best,

    1. Nancy, thank-you so much for taking time of our your life to write me such kind, sweet words! I am very encouraged! :) You're right, it is hard (or maybe challenging is a better fit?) to raise kiddos but goodness how blessed I am to have these little girls call me mama.
      Wishing you a happy Thursday!


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