Update on my art journey.

Less than a year ago I picked up my first paintbrush to create what…I didn't yet know.  It started last Christmas break with a pack of inexpensive watercolors.  Something about painting had caught my attention and there was news of snow.  I put two and two together and bought a set at Hobby Lobby, wanting to give it a try on one of the cold afternoons I anticipated.  

I loved it.  This prompted me to take one of Christy Tomlinson's art classes, She Art.  I learned to draw and paint girls, which is something I still love to this very day.  

But let me back up.
I took a fast from the internet and blogging around this time last year.  It was much needed and highly beneficial.  During that day I prayed and dreamed and wrote list after list of ideas I had for creative jobs  and paths to follow.  Boy, was I fired up.  I entered the spring time with grand plans and the theme "DREAM BIGGER" huge on my heart.  Not bad things, either one of them.  And I am so very, very proud to say I followed those dreams.  I started my first batch of Rosy Retreats, which you can read more about on the above tab.
I kept painting and opened my first painting Etsy shop which you can find here. I also did a few photo shoots, had several things published in magazines (with more coming next year!), and continued blogging away.  Somewhere along the way I got a bit caught up in wanting to do "all the things, feel all the things, be all the things", if we're being honest.  Did you know that's actually not possible?  If it looks like it is, I'll gently break the news that it's not.  For me, I found if I was giving to things that were even good, but not the best…..then I didn't have as much energy, inspiration, and passion left for what WAS the best.  A long story, a long chapter, I learned the hard way.  Lesson, compliments of my dreamy self.  
I do love a good dream though.  I'm a dreamer from birth.  I also genuinely love art and photography.  Like my heart physically races when I think of either one!  It's as natural to me as breathing.  But you know what really, (like really) matters most to me?  My sweet family and close circle of friends.

They need me and the best part of me.  And I'm most proud to say I've been doing that the past few weeks, giving them my attention, dropping off meals when needed, texting a "hello", gifting a piece of art.  Here's what I've found.  As I've opened my life real wide to the biggest things like my friends, family, and home….God has expanded the little things as well.  Remember how I shared my word for the year was "slow?"  As I've slowed my thoughts, slowed my to do lists, slowed my frantic mind and feet running this way and that….my creativity and inspiration are more full than ever.  They're overflowing.  
When I paint or photograph something, with my mind focused and at full attention…
I am loving what I see.  I'm doing more with less stressful and crowded thoughts and things stealing my attention.  
And so here's where I am now, entering year 2 as an artist.
 I've had 30 Etsy sales so far, which I am so pleased and honored with!

 I'm reading and practicing techniques from several mixed-media art books, letting myself explore all kinds of art and mediums…finding that true style that is so uniquely mine. This is requiring a lot of practice and grace but I'm beginning to see things that light up my eyes. I'll share soon.

 I'm taking another of Christy Tomlinson's classes, called Behind the Art.  It is such a comprehensive course on paints, glues, stencils, marking tools, creating backgrounds, etc, etc, etc.  It is seriously fabulous.  She's giving you all the tools necessary to let your art run wild.  With YOUR style.  I love that. (you should seriously check her online classes out.  They are affordable (many artists are not…at all), she is creative with inexpensive supplies as well as higher-priced ones…I love that too.) She is just fabulous!  Check out her website here.
I'm listing out ideas I have for new art products for 2015, in anticipation of participating in my first ever art and craft show in the spring! :) I am, understandably, both nervous and excited about this. 

I look forward to sharing some new products that will also be making their way into my Etsy shop with you at the start of the new year!  Think: wood block photo holders, mobiles, notebooks, and more!
I'm still blogging, not to brand myself but because I truly, truly LOVE it.  
I honestly can't imagine not keeping a blog.  Every January I look through my past year of photos and make a family yearbook….and I'm reminded again of the sweetness that is this life.  It's there, even in the daily grind.   Blogging is such a tool, a way of worship for me…to say "Yes Father, I'm here and I see YOU there and there..and over there too. "

{ I'm looking forward to hearing from YOU soon, to hear what you'd like to see more of in the next year. }

I plan on doing several Rosy Retreats in the following year..
which are one evening or one day craft retreats.  I think there will even be a photography retreat. Stay tuned!
I'm still pondering photo shoots.  I have to be completely honest and say my most favorite way to capture people and things EVER (in the history of ever) is in real life.  It would be my dream job to come into a home, quietly follow the natural rhythm of a family's day or dinner time and capture THAT.  I'm not quite sure if that is something that will make it's way into reality or not.
I'll be sure to keep you updated.
And so, I find myself entering 2015 with the phrase "slow is sweet" in mind.
I'll keep tending those nearest to me,
and putting the best art that has the most heart,
out into the world.
One step at a time. 


  1. This is good stuff Sara. Thanks for sharing. I love the journal art with the girl.

  2. It's fun to read about your journey! I can't believe you've only been an official artist for 1 year!!! I really like your photography idea. Real, everyday family life moments are my favorite, but we can never capture all three of us. I'll have to look in my neck of the woods to see if anyone is doing that! Also, I'd be at your retreats in a hot second if I lived in your state!! I look forward to seeing how your art grows this year!

  3. I just always, always love reading your posts! The Behind the Art class was the one I thought of doing about this time last year...when I was contemplating painting. It didn't happen, but maybe this year. Glad to read it would be worth my time. We are really going to try to get to Arkansas in April for the art show. Have FUN creating! I will do the same!

  4. I think in some ways there's a parallel with parenting; you have this new little person and it's so exciting and you want to share all of the things that you love even if they're not really ready yet and then you step back and see that it will all still be there waiting for you and you can take your time - it's the same with creativity - slow and steady definitely wins the race!

  5. Sara......I feel like God has brought me to your blog this past few months for so many reasons.
    I am inspired each time I visit. :)
    There is a stirring in me to create more this coming year. I have a lot of ideas but have had a difficult time knowing where to begin and deciding exactly what I want to create. I absolutely love journaling and watercolors. I also love creating with paper and other textures.....oh my the possibilities. Thank you for the reference to the online art class. I think I will begin with that......there is so much I want to learn. Much love


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