Homemade Clay Ornaments

Hi friends.  Are you ready to get your crafting on today?  I have a fun, pretty quick little Christmas craft to share with you!  One of my new, sweet friends in our church home group told me about this little ornaments.  They're basically salt dough's better version.  (no offense, salt dough)  You use baking soda and corn starch to make these easy ornaments.   The girls and I tried to roll them out with the rolling pin but had some trouble with them sticking.  In the end I just used my hand to smooth the dough out and then helped the girls with the cookie cutters to press out the shapes.  We baked these one afternoon and painted them the next! I even got to paint a couple.  Which set my creativity running wild!  So, I'll share a grown-up version of the clay ornaments soon, perfect for any season!  
 I set my girls up with foil to lay the ornaments on, paint in egg cartons, and a sturdy thrifted coffee cup of water to dip their brush in.  

They worked so hard on these ornaments and didn't want to be done when the ornaments all ran out!  Anna Ruth kept asking "Have any more?"  The next day I strung them up on pink string and the girls hung them on the Christmas tree.  Anna Ruth randomly said "This is really fun mom!"  

This made me all kinds of happy.  I love it when the girls really enjoy something I've prepared! 
(because sometimes things are a big flop!)

I look forward to baking them more ornaments!  My girls are ages 2 and 3, so although they sort of enjoyed mixing the batter together and cutting them out they mostly enjoyed painting them.  For that reason, I'll probably do all the cutting out and baking myself next time and let them each have a tray of plain ornaments to paint.  These would make super cute present toppers as well! 

You can find the link for the recipe I used here!


  1. Oh I'm going to have to try that out with my girls - they love cutting out dough shapes and painting things!


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