25 days of Christmas List

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The girls in my new home group are totally responsible for this idea.  :)  I know a good thing when I hear it!  I was listening to their conversation about making a "25 days of Christmas" list to do with their children and families and spoke up, saying I'd had every intention of doing such a thing last year but a lot of the activities just didn't happen.  

This year we're in a much different season as a family.  The girls are older obviously and can handle more "big girl" types of fun than they could previously.  So I'm very excited to give this idea another go!  Just a little extra something each day to make Christmas and the arrival of the winter season seem just as it is…….magical.  

Here's a look at our list for the season.  Many of these might sound a bit vague to you, (like Snowman Day) but I like it that way.  It leaves room for each family to customize the day to fit their needs.  A lot of these ideas are crafts or simple activities to do at home with the girls and some are family outings we'll take together on the weekends. 

I'm not about doing more or rushing more but I am looking forward to being more intentional about including extra pockets of joy during the month of December!  If things start to feel too stressed or rattled or forced….easy enough, we just skip that day's activities-no big deal! 

I have a few other ideas on how to teach the girls about giving that aren't included on this list.  I'm eager to share those with you soon as well! 

You are welcome to download this photo to print out for yourself! You can find it on my flickr page here.

Happy 25 days of Christmas!


  1. so many great ideas, sara!! i love this! i think luke & i plan to do something similar! :)


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