Real-life reminder.

 Sometimes I feel like my real-life people see and know a different me than the public people.  Truth is, some days I get tired too.  Not because I'm doing "too much", just because I have two toddlers and a real life like everyone else.  My neighbor friend came over recently and I told her how refreshing it was that I can skip the "house is messy" talk with her and just invite her on in.  What a Heaven-sent gift of a friend!  My reminder for today is this: With your real-life people AND your bloggy/Instagram people...there's so much more that goes on behind-the-scenes than you think.  Show grace and reach out anyway....the blessings of friendships and helping others is so worth it! 

So while you may see this lovely view of my art journal on Instagram.....

 here's what the rest of my house looks like from a morning of play. 

:) Rosy and real. 
We're all a bit of both, you see. 


  1. Ohh the Play Doh!! What a good mom you are! I could never do Play Doh inside! Had to be a very (infrequent) outside pleasure at my house. You are noticing the real and reveling in it too! That's the most important thing. Pretty soon your "real" will be sweet girls going off to school and college so revel in the rosy AND the real while you can!

    Hey-that may be a retreat theme for you "Reveling in the Rosy" or "Reveling in the Real" or "Reveling in the Rosy AND the Real". :-) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Refreshingly similar to my house!! And yes friends that you don't have to tidy up for are the best :)


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