Pumpkins with Pomp and Circumstance.

Dear Autumn,
 Some days you are go, go, go....exercising, cleaning, laundry, reading books, journaling, cooking, and checking things off the list.

Other days you are wake up sloooow, play a little, cook the meals...and just enjoy the in-between spaces.  

You're hot weather so far, reminding us of our summer days and feeling like our toes are still dipped in its carefree water.

You're making art, plans for Rosy Retreats, and blogging all in the public eye.

Behind-the-scenes you're long days with lots of working hours for our family, farm chores that double as entertainment, backyard dates, potty-training, preschool, afternoon naps, and sometimes climbing into bed to watch tv at 8:30.  

You're texting friends and wading through the waters of real-life friendships.  
You're lonely sometimes, but using that space to draw closer to God. 

You're opportunity come knocking, without me even asking.  You're brave. 

Autumn, you have me puzzled.  You're (borrowing the words of Momastery), "hard but good". 

And really, what isn't?  I can look at each stage of my life the past few years and nail down some "hard but good" scenarios.  I don't know where your autumn winds and fall leaves will take us this season.  Your friends, Winter, Spring, and Summer, have taught me over the last year it's ok to not have everything figured out.  It's ok to be scared silly of an idea (and even to be criticized sometimes), but to go ahead anyway if God says to go.  It's ok to start small.  Your lovely acorn is the perfect example. 

So I'll carry on with my rosy outlook in both my public and behind-the-scenes life.  Rosy Retreats will be announced, art galore will be made....we'll celebrate you Autumn, to our deepest heart's content.  We'll rest on the days we're tired...
we'll always choose to serve others and graciously give towards those hurting or in need first. 
We'll take care of ourselves so that we may take care of others.

We'll pray when we don't understand,
we'll love at all times.
We'll keep dreaming, but not get so swept up in the Dream BIG message that we forget our people right around us, beside us, in front and behind.

We'll let you remind us again, how to rest.  

bring your pumpkins with pomp and circumstance. 
We're ready for you, secrets and all.


  1. Beautifully written, encouraging, and a fun peek into your life. We say "good hard" around here a lot too. It describes perfectly the season we're in. Love your rosy outlook! - Mel @heart_warmed

  2. I like "good hard" :) :) and it's encouraging to hear another family gets that.

  3. Sounds pretty lovely to me - hard work and all - it's sort of the perfect way to prepare for all the curling up that comes with winter!


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