Apple Party

Last year I got the idea to have an apple party.  We gathered some apples of different varieties, painted with apples, and read an apple book.  Easy as pie.  (wait a minute, we should have had apple pie!)

Fast forward to this year.  My sweet, smart nephew must have remembered our "party" and said that we should have another.  You don't have to ask me twice!
I texted my twin sis and we set up a date.  It's a little known fact that I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to keeping props for photos and parties.  So naturally, I was able to throw this little party together in just a matter of minutes.  If you think I'm kidding you should have seen us 30 minutes before our guests arrived when we were still shoving bacon down and *some* of us were still in jammies.

But, I grabbed my favorite stand-by's (old books, cute fabric, and pinecones), added some happy flags from Natalie Creates, and a party was put together! 

We also added "HAPPY" candles to the apples to blow out because why not?! 

I also happened to have a neat apple book on hand from the library that I got to read to the kids.  Just me, having my little flash back to teaching moment.  :)

We were either the best moms on the planet or the worst because we let the kids put peanut butter, pumpkin dip, marshmallows, and white chocolate chips on the apples.  I won't say what time this party took place, lol. :)  :) (but we may have still been chugging coffee)

Truly, in all honesty-this was such a fun, fun time and I'm so glad we've made it an annual adventure!

Now go have an apple party of your own....
and don't forget the coffee and chocolate.
(I won't tell)


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