So long summer....

Does it really have to be over?  I mean really, for summer over? 
I suppose so.  I'm usually not one to mourn the ending of one season because I'm so eagerly anticipating the next.  Not so this time around.  I must have asked myself a dozen times "Are they really gone?"  when thinking about the batches and fields and spreads of wildflowers that covered the farm not that long ago.  
I suppose for now, our summer is on the downward slope.  Not that our temperatures would give any hint of that.  It's hotter than ever this week, causing a bit of cooped up crankiness if we're not careful.  So with summers end and sweet September approaching both on my mind, we've been doing a few more planned art and/or learning activities the last week or so.  
This particular day we painted with cotton balls!  Thanks to my good 'ol friend Pinterest for the idea!  This was super easy to set up and facilitate.  I put some paint colors in mini boxes I had leftover from the mail and then gave each girl a few clothespins with cotton balls clipped to them.  I taped a huge sheet of plain white paper to the table and let them have at it!  

They both paint so differently, which I find very interesting.  I suppose some might think that all toddlers paint just about the same way, but it's totally not true.  Betsy Grace paints with much bigger swipes of paint than Anna Ruth does and she also more easily mixes her colors together.  Anna Ruth paints in a more structured way, leaving most colors on their own.  

I'm proud to say this week I tackled organizing and cleaning out all the toys and art supplies in the house.  WOW! Did that feel good!  Since doing that it's been much easier to pull a toy, game, or activity out for both girls to do while I'm cleaning or folding laundry.  

Those lashes and cheeks and lips and little tiny nose....and that dark hair.  
Get me.

This summer we've enjoyed playing outside in the water table, the playhouse, adventures on the log barn place, visiting the White River, eating at Wagon Wheel restaurant and Anderson's occasionally, time with Nana, peaches from the local stand, the Farmer's Market, grilling, wildflowers, gardening, having a very loose schedule, mini vacations to Tulsa and Branson, making mud pies, flying a kite, getting Bouncy, potty-training, Anna Ruth's big girl bed, chasing lightning bugs, fireworks, the sound of the bugs outside, finding heart rocks........

In this next season we look forward to a bit more of a routine, preschool, an autumn garden, apples off the apple tree, layers, warm soup, hot tea and coffee, visiting the pumpkin patch, decorating with fall colors and pumpkins, raking the leaves and jumping in, cozying up by the fire, reading stacks of books, art journaling as a family (the girls and I at least), afternoon learning time with mama, boots, campouts.....and so much more.
This is my newest art piece that will be added to the shop next week! 
(I'm super excited about this one) 

With that friends..I'm saying "See Ya Later!" 'till Monday!  
We're taking a few days off for one last summer celebration...
you have been so good to us. 


  1. Painting with cotton balls! Fantastic! I had never thought of painting that way. Isn't pinterest awesome:)


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