Rosy Retreat Recap: The first one EVER!

Last night I had the awesome opportunity of hosting some of my friends on the farm for our own mini Rosy Retreat.  This picture just brings tears straight to my eyes, for so many reasons.  The first is how much each of these ladies mean to me.  Two of them I've known my whole life practically and the other I feel like I've known for at least that long.  These gals are smart, sweet, real, and just a whole bunch of fun.   I'm so honored they would spend an evening on the farm with me!  It was a good experience for me to see what will work well and what changes I may need to make before September's Rosy Retreat!

 I'd been doing some cleaning and preparation for the night throughout the week at the cabin and got there early enough to light candles, turn on the lamps, and add some fresh flowers. 

I set out packs of pictures that were some of my personal favorites for the girls to take home as a treat!
 I even had time for a selfie before they all arrived! 
I prayed too.  I prayed the evening would be restful, relaxing, fun, and full of the joy we all so desperately need added to our everyday lives. 

 Once the girls arrived we said our "hello's" and gave introductions and then piled in the car together to drive down to the pasture.  The sun had been playing hide and seek all day but decided to grace us with her presence!  I was beyond glad.  The first thing I taught was how to make easy flower crowns.  

 In between taking pictures of our crowns the girls also had time to roam the pasture and take in that gorgeous, heavenly golden light.

 We used my camera timer to get a picture of all of us and this one just made me laugh the hardest!! 
 There, that's better.  See, I promise we really did have fun! 
A goal of mine for all Rosy Retreats is to encourage participants to take photos with their phone or camera throughout the night!  I didn't take any Instagram photos during the night like I'd planned and I'd like to make sure and do that next time!  Photography can be such fun when we let it! 

 After a visit to the cows (because how could we EVER leave them out?!) we loaded back up and drove down the road to the farm cabin.

 Delicious, savory food was just waiting to be piled onto our plates!  We enjoyed bread and rice crackers with herb cream cheese, salad with rice, garden veggies, kalamata olives, capers, and homemade dressing, and two desserts!
 I was beyond excited to try two different desserts my sweet, talented friends made.  And guess what?!  They didn't even have SUGAR Y'ALL! This totally and completely made my night.  
 We sat around this table and talked and talked......
'till almost 10, when I'd said the retreat was supposed to be over! 
Oooops, lol.  I had such a nice time visiting with the other girls! 
It got chilly on the porch and we even had to pull out some quilts for covering up.  
What a fun treat for July! 
 I had several craft stations set up inside the house with all of the materials and supplies ready for making!  Because we got started late we didn't make it to all of the stations but everyone did get to leave with a craft they made!  (note to self-be more assertive and guide the night better!  Start the crafting much, much earlier next time)
This little farm cabin is where the next retreat will be held in September.  It will be a night of making new friends and enjoying your old ones!  We'll be having fun with photography and crafts.  The crafts will be easy and I'll show you step-by-step just what to do! I'll have all the supplies out and ready.  We'll eat and sit and relax on the porches.  We'll connect and relax and remind ourselves that we can live artfully right where we are, with what we have.  Our minds are our greatest tools! 
There are still some spots left for the September retreat!
Sign-up is easy: Just email me ( and I'll invoice you via Paypal! 
I live about 15-20 minutes from either Fayetteville or Springdale, if that helps the out-of-towners! 

There are already neat stories I'm treasuring in my heart about connections that have been made because of this upcoming retreat.  My prayer today to God was "I just want to matter for you."  I am praying that these retreats are just the biggest hug for each participant. That each lady leaves feeling less of the things that aren't of God: lonely, fearful, worried, unconfident.  And MORE of the rosy things in life: love, confidence, joy, artful, and choosing to celebrate the rosy in the routine. 

(this is my dream coming true. To God be the glory)


  1. Looks like fun! If I lived near you, I would totally come.

  2. Sara,
    This looks like so much fun!

    1. Thank-you friend-it was! I can't wait to share about the next one! :)

  3. It looks like this evening was a great success!! Love all the pictures you took. You are a beautiful bunch of ladies. What a rich life you live Sara and you have such a wonderful opportunity to enrich other people's lives by sharing your amazing spirit!

    1. Thank-you for your kindness Iris. How fun would it be if YOU could come?! :)

  4. Ohh I wish I lived closer! This is my kind of thing! :) Laura from Chicago

    1. Hi Laura from Chicago! I wish you could visit too......we'd love to have you join in our country life! :)

  5. This is so very lovely and thoughtful. I wish I lived closer to attend in September. Come to my house and I will invite my friends. I would love that and they would too!! Who doesn't need rest and renewal???


    1. Hi Janet! I wish you could attend too! :) Where do you live?


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