Cleaning. Coffee. New in the Shop!

 Happy......Thursday everybody!  I seriously had to sit and think hard about what day it was.  We've had a full day today!  Our sleep (ok, so the girls) is just off this week.  Like, mama drank THREE cups of coffee just to get going today.  If you're a fellow mama you know this and I'd ask for a prayer (or two or three).  If you're not a mama....I hate to break the news, but this is real life sometimes!  I'm usually very matter-of-fact about the lack of sleep.  Far too many people complain constantly about the "s" word (SLEEEEEEEEP), some don't even realize it's part of the package deal of being a mama, and others have kiddos who sleep like a dream.  We don't choose complaining, we don't have kids who sleep like a dream, and I am totally aware of this package deal thing. :)  I'll take it! 3 cup of coffee days and all.  

I'm happy to share a few things that are keeping those discouraged/tired thoughts at bay, like this hand-painted banner I just added in the shop!  I just adore this.  (Is it bad to say that about something you created yourself? I hope not!)  If you come to my house you'll see bunting in every single room.  I'd had the idea of painting a bunting in my mind for a while and made it happen yesterday!  
I'm even taking custom orders, if you have a specific size or color in mind for a banner!
You can feel free to email me ( for more details! 

***I'm also excited to announce I'll be adding digital Christmas card files in the shop soon!  That means you can purchase a digital piece of Christmas art from my shop and print it out into cards wherever you'd like!  Thanks to my sweet, smart friend Bekah McCraine for the idea!***
 We went to my twin sister's house this week for a playdate and she blessed me with this beauty!  Isn't that the happiest, biggest, most beautiful ray of sunshine SUNFLOWER you ever saw?  

Thanks sis! 

Our garden continues to overflow with goodness also.  I've been staying outside, tending to the garden and chores 'till about 9 or 9:30 each night.  The summer nights are long, the exercise real and earthy.  I like it.  We've had a few cooler mornings and evenings this week and I admit, those little dreamy thoughts of wearing layers, fall leaves, and cozying up next to the fire jumped into my thoughts so quickly it was startling.  So summer....maybe you'll finish strong and I'll be ready for fall after all! 

Today has been cleaning day, double-duty!  I cleaned our house, as well as the cabin next door in preparation for friends coming over tomorrow night to do our own mini Rosy Retreat.  

I used to believe in cleaning everything while the girls were asleep because it was faster and easier.  It's still faster and easier that way but when I play the story to the end (or when they're grown-ups) I want them to know we played hard AND worked hard.  So we start small.  They've been helping me do simple tasks like spraying off and cleaning the coffee table.  They are eager, cheerful helpers and I like that.  I mean seriously, isn't this the cutest?! 

Other thoughts on my mind,
a mini family vacation in August,
celebrating our anniversary,
advertising to do a handful of photo shoots in the fall on the farm (email if interested!),
wanting to watch a movie this weekend and just relax,
friends coming to the farm tomorrow!,
playing with the girls this afternoon. 



  1. I love the banner!!! It's so cheerful! I would love to see a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in your shop!

    1. Thank-you so much! I've been meaning to ask-do you still sell the art prints of yours I see on Pinterest? They are beautiful!

    2. Not yet! That is definitely in my plans, though! Thank *you* !!!

  2. I've been tired too lately. Jupiter is getting nightmares (and last night the thunder & lightning scared him! Bless!) and the baby still wakes up 2-3 times a night as standard. Often Andrew gets up with both boys and gives me a 20-30 min lie in (sometimes even a whole hour!) which is so much appreciated.

    Love how you get your kids to help with the cleaning! This is a great age I think, they're so keen to help! My kids are both really into our little dustbuster, Zephyr loves playing with it and Jupiter knows how to use it and clean up his own crumbs.

    1. Oh friend, I hear ya on the tired bit!! In fact, my "to do" for the weekend is to rest whatever chance I get. To basically NOT have a to do list for a couple of days! I pray you get some rest too! Are you a coffee drinker?

      OOOh, the dustbuster sounds like an amazing thing for my girls!! I should look into getting one. We saw a Curious George where he used one and my girls thought it looked really neat. :)

      Here's to hoping you have a restful weekend!


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