Pizza Picnic in the Pasture

Happy Tuesday friends!  Are you caught up in all that is summer yet? I hope so.  We sure are!  Picnics, hay cutting, and the farm are a huge part of our summer and I like that.  Now that the girls are older it's a lot easier to load them up and take them to watch their Daddy on the tractor.  We have the best seat in the house to watch the hay baling, which the girls are just as fascinated with (or more so) than t.v. And that's saying a lot because my girls also love to "watch a show". :) 
Sunday evenings can sometimes seem to be in kind of a's that dreaded start to the week.  We love our weekends with Brett around and so the thought of him going back to work kind of puts a damper on things.  Lately we've been trying to change our Sunday evenings up, this one included.  Our weather has been very spontaneous it feels like.  The rain has definitely kept us guessing about when the best time to cut, rake, and bale the hay is.  

Last Sunday Brett needed to bale hay so we decided to join him.  The girls and I went and picked up pizza and we had a picnic in the pasture. 

The girls were so thrilled watching the big hay bale drop out!  Anna Ruth even threw her hands up in the air and started squealing and cheering.  This made me laugh and laugh...
We had such a great time in the pasture!  We did our thing...
which means we played chase, ring around the rosy, danced, took pictures, and looked for interesting things on the ground.  We love to make something out of a bit of nothing.  It was a party in the pasture, indeed. 

Anna Ruth grabbed this stick and said she was "stretching".  
Now try to look at this picture with a straight face.  I bet you can't do it! 

Before we left for home (which is only about 5 minutes away) the tractor was turned safely off so I let the girls get closer and ask Brett questions if they had any.  Of course they did!  Anna Ruth wanted to know what every single minuscule part was and how it worked and what did it do and what is that?  

Betsy Grace was cute as she could be because she'd point at something and say "Iss Daddy" (her version of "This Daddy").
I'm so very glad my girls are learning to have a good time on little adventures like this! 
It sure is the good life.  
I love the ebb and flow of the seasons on the farm.  
Summer, won't ya stay forever?