Live with Life....and favorite cow sounds.

 Woohoo! My rural internet problem is fixed or gone or something and I have internet again! Which is a funny thing to be excited about when the words "Slow Living" have been rolling around and around my thoughts.  Slow Living plus internet doesn't quite compute.  Hmmm...another thought for another day. I love my new friends I've made via social media and I'm not afraid to say it! 
 Last night I was too tired.  I'd cleaned up one too many poop piles (don't ask), cleaned up one too many pieces of trash (I'll get ya, coon!).  I made some half caff coffee and started to sit for the remainder of the evening but something (hello God) just beckoned me outside. I grabbed the camera and went and boy am I ever glad I did.  

 My favorite friends, the cows, were out back munching away.  Have you ever heard a cow eating?  I can think of the distinct noise right now and it's one of my favorite sounds on the planet.  (In total randomness, another favorite sound is the praise music I hear coming through the baby monitor.  Something about the fuzziness of the monitor with the music....a favorite for sure.  Reminds me of peaceful little girls sleeping. ) 

 I had on a long skirt yesterday which is totally not practical for a hike through the pasture.  But who says practical is perfect?  As I traipsed along, afraid of stepping on a snake, I STILL had the thought "I'm so glad I came out.  I'm so glad I ventured into the real world tonight".  

 Everything outdoors just exhales life.  Tiny bugs, water droplets, the sun and clouds....all with such rhythm and passion and life.  I wonder what our lives would look like if we lived with LIFE instead of just like robots with our devices?

 I know for me, this week that's meant having an impromptu play date with a neighbor friend and inviting another dear family over for dinner.  It's meant going outdoors and getting the real, messy, get your hands completely dirty, kind of exercise, pulling weeds.  

What do you think?
Doesn't it just look like the cows have something to add? 

I'll be back soon with shop updates, stay tuned! 


  1. I love your blog so much. I get to live vicariously in nature!! I'm so torn between citygirl/countrygirl. I've always lived in the inner city, even when I was little. I have always LOVED the country and it just brings me a sense of peace. I need more of that in my life. I'm from Holland, we have a lot of cows (black & white ones) I love them!!


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