Springtime on the farm!

 How was your Easter?  I hope it was filled with majesty and wonder and thanks for our awesome God!   Last week I tried to be very intentional to include a mixture of fun and meaningful Easter activities in our week.  Some ideas went great, others not so much.  Like when I set Easter eggs, markers, and stickers out and Anna scribbled three lines on hers and said she was done.  

It made me laugh and laugh.  At least I tried! 
 One message we did get loud and clear was the reason for Easter, that Jesus is alive!
"How did He make me?!"  Anna Ruth asked me one day...
as I talk about Jesus in the most normal way she is showing an interest.  
 I pray my girls grow up to love Jesus fiercely, as He has first loved us.  
Something I tell them often is how incredibly beautiful God made them and the farm too!  
 I couldn't imagine a more giving, creative, artistic father than God.  

 I always say that He could have left us with a good world that was made entirely of black and white.  And we STILL would have been blessed.  

 But He didn't!  
 He chose to give us multitudes of color, layer upon layer, here, there, and everywhere.  

 Spring time on the farm feels like one big canvas God's painted.  Not to show off (although He has every reason to), but just bless us.  To love us.  To wrap a hug of color all around us, so everywhere we look we hear "I"m here, and there, and look! Over there too!"

This is where I worship,
the pastures are where I pray.
The fields are where I find my peace and hope,
my troubles and cares all fade away.


  1. We are truly blessed, and life of a farm is a huge blessing. I grew up out in the country and it was wonderful. We live in town, but have many elements of being out in the country as well. God is so good to us and springtime is such a huge reminder to me. Have a blessed week. Jackie


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