People Matter: Easter 2014

 My Easter started early, as does every day.  I've made it a daily practice to wake up before the girls and Easter was no exception.  Betsy Grace decided to join me for a peek at this gorgeous sky.  I photographed it, looked away, and it was gone.  It was a sight to behold....a sight indeed.  I was so thankful I was up early enough to take it in.  It was as if the sky was just waiting and waiting 'till this moment to burst into celebration for the life of Christ.  I'll amen to that.
 Betsy Grace and I spent a moment on the porch together and after she woke up again a bit later we did Easter bags! 
 I bought the girls some things at the Dollar Tree and made little Easter bags for them.  They were so, so excited.  Anna Ruth even let out a few Anna squeals.  That just delighted my mama heart to no end. I think it proves the saying that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  
 The same could definitely be said about my Easter cake.  I wanted to make something the kids would think was just fabulous, even though it may not have been a gourmet anything.  So I looked up how to make a bunny cake like I remember having as a kid.  I used a boxed cake mix and tubs of frosting from the grocery store.  It turned out pretty well!  The kids were very excited to see a bunny cake and it tasted sweet and delicious.  

 We were able to spend Easter with both sides of the family!  We decided to stay home from church so that it didn't create such a long day for the girls, going from here and there all day with no naps.  I felt guilty all week about choosing to stay at home, until we were at home.  Then I found myself reflecting on Easter much more than I've done in the last few years.  I stood over the sink, washing dishes in the quiet and heard God telling me over and over "I'm alive, I'm alive...act like I'm alive".  
 The little girls got to do an egg hunt at both families!  What a treat for them!  It was a joy to watch Betsy Grace be able to join in the egg hunt this year!  She collected 3 or 4 and was done.  

These are my people, my family.  They matter so much to me.  I cherish this picture greatly!

 And us.  
Our little family of four.  
No words for what hope, strength, and joy this picture holds. 

 As we moved on to the second family house of the day, watching everyone love on my girls did my heart volumes of good.  
 Throughout this whole day (and over the last few weeks) two words keep resonating in my heart and mind: People matter.
 I hear it over and over.  It's the reason why Easter is SO worth celebrating.  Jesus knew a long, long time ago how much people mattered.  And He shows us His love and grace through these beautiful vessels called people still today.
When it comes down to it, 
dirty laundry, the perfect anything,
an extra five pounds, the kind of car you drive or house you live in,
money, awards received.......don't matter.

People do.  Choose people.  


  1. You guys are so cute. Found your blog via the facebook group. I can't wait to see more of your artwork. Good luck opening your shop!


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