Recipe Share: BIG vegan bowl (even if you're not a vegan)

Happy Tuesday!
 Last week I made the most delicious meal I just knew I had to pass it along.  Especially after my heartfelt healthy post.  I want you to know there are ways to eat delicious (like really, really good) foods that are also healthy!  We try a LOT of different healthy foods at our house.  The really good ones stick and stay around.  The ones that taste "healthy" (a.k.a. like cardboard) don't get invited back.  Food should taste good, don't you think?
Let me start by saying I usually don't post recipes here because I actually post on a food blog with my sisters (I have a twin sister and an older sister) once a week!  That blog is called Thrice the Spice (get it, 3 sisters?!) and you can find it here!  Anyway, so most of my recipes end up there.  Not here. 

But today I want to pass on a SUPER delicious meal that is from Oh She Glows!  You can find her recipe and instructions here!

A few differences between her recipe and mine are that I used a brown rice/quinoa mix (that you can purchase on the rice aisle) instead of plain quinoa.  The rice was a bit cheaper and we already had it on hand!
I also made my own hummus to act as a dressing for this bowl of goodness.
For the hummus I combined one can chickpeas (with liquid), some EVOO, lemon pepper seasoning, a bit of salt, garlic, and lemon juice in the food processor. 
I don't have actual amounts of each because one gal was being ornery and the other one was hanging off my leg and crying while I cooked (true story). BUT, the end result was fabulous :) Everyone, even the little girls, liked this meal! 

Brett sometimes *teases* about a healthy meal like this but as soon as I brought up the fact he'd had a cheeseburger for lunch he quickly said how good it was. lol.

Enjoy friends! 

p.s.-random question of the day, does the fact I leave the text center aligned bother you? Share your thoughts!