She art (mixed media painting)

This weekend I took some time to make an idea in real life I'd been carrying around in my head for a few weeks.  As I've mentioned a bajillion times I signed up for an online art class that you take at your own pace.  It's full of videos and advice and instruction that you can log on to the computer and read about or watch whenever you want.  Like at night in your pj's.  Seriously, my kind of class.

The videos are my favorite.  I am such a visual learner.  So this canvas.

I picked up a canvas at the thrift store for $3!  I will probably always buy old canvases when I find them now because it's much, much cheaper than buying new ones at the craft store.  And you're going to cover it up anyway! (sorry artist prior to me...)  
I had so. much. FUN creating this art.  Like seriously I want to make another one after looking at these pictures.   This beauty is displayed on the fireplace mantle, where I can see "her" every time I stand at the kitchen sink.  So a good half of my day! 
Time for her close-up...

I stayed up very, very late making this gal.  And can I just say it was one of THE most relaxing, fun things I've done lately....getting an idea completed, start to finish.  It was rewarding and inspiring.  

I have a few (ok a lot) other art projects up my sleeve I can't wait to share soon. 

What art have you been up to lately?
And please tell me you have. 
There are always loads of laundry, stacks of dishes, meals to cook, babies to change,
errands to run, cleaning to do....

but please, please tell me you make art.
Art (well, Jesus through art) saves.

The end.


  1. Excellent! I love your dear angel and it's so great that you found the process to be so relaxing. I look forward to seeing future projects!

  2. This is beautiful!


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