Paper Bead Necklace {DIY}

Happy Weekend friends!  
Brett and I had our weekly at home date last night and it was so nice to feel like our evening was free enough to visit and listen to music and just be.  Without having to worry about waking up too early the next day.  Today one of our little gals is resting off a tummy ache so it's a low-key kind of day.  

I have an easy project for you that I think you'll like.
I made my own paper bead necklace and wore it yesterday (to the park even!) and was pleased with how well it held up.  It's colorful and simple to make and you probably have the supplies on hand already.  I found the idea here and just went for it.  

The necklace is made using art scraps of paper, but really any type of patterned/interesting paper would work if you don't have painted scraps laying around.  Or you could quickly paint your own paper scraps using watercolors or acrylic paint, which is what mine are painted with.  
I gathered some paintings I'd done, an old atlas page, and some Target packaging (the white paper with black dots) and cut them into long skinny strips or long skinny triangles.
I didn't get a picture of the next step :( so imagine it with me instead.  I placed the longest side of the triangle around a kitchen skewer and rolled it up a time or two.  Then I placed a bit of hot glue on the paper bead and continued rolling.  Last, add a tiny drop of glue to the very end of the triangle before giving it a final roll.  You'd follow the same process for rolling up the long strips of paper too.

Next I added a coat of ModPodge (which dries clear) over the beads and then strung them on a long string of embroidery thread.  

And that's it!  You're done and your necklace is ready to wear.
This would be fun to do with kids too,
and would make a great bracelet.

I've also thought about adding some real beads or fabric in-between the paper beads for a different look.  Maybe I'll try that next.

{This weekend I'm looking forward to getting some rest, possibly watching a movie, and painting!  How about you?|


  1. Im going to do this with my God children next weekend. Such a good idea that's not going to cost anything.

    1. Yeah! Glad you like the idea. :) I had fun with it!

      I asked you a question on your last blog post I hope you didn't mind me asking. Do you ever sell copies of your photos? (just to hang in my home) Your sunflower pics are the most gorgeous I think I've ever seen.


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