We are a book-loving family.   I remember as a child growing up being so excited when it was library day.  My sisters and I would load up on all sorts of books.  We couldn't wait to come home and dive in.  I even remember my mom making us stay outside 'till a certain time of day when all we really wanted to do was sit and read a good book.  Looking back, I'd say this was a good problem to have.

I'm happy to say our girls have inherited our love of books.  Anna Ruth especially.  I don't know that she's ever met a book she didn't like.  
We go to our local library every couple of weeks and also buy books at the thrift store.  This is my favorite way to buy them because you can easily find hardcover books (or softcover for that matter) in great shape for $1.00 or less.  With as many books as the girls can listen to in one sitting, it helps to have a large selection. 
Sometimes the girls sit and "read" the books on their own.  It's adorable when Anna Ruth recites the parts she's memorized or Betsy Grace babbles the pages away.  Other times I sit and read to them.  I'd like to say we do this every single day, and usually we do.  Some days we just don't get to it.
We aren't a house that tries to confine the kid "stuff" (toys and books) to one room because that just simply isn't our style.  We're in the little ones stage and we're ALL in.  So we have books stashed in just about every room in the house.  For us and the girls.  It makes plopping down (or up on the bed) with a book quite accessible and exciting and relaxing.  
I have to admit, I love the children's books as much or more than the girls do.  I've been a bit bored with novels lately.  Although I have a couple I'm excited to dive into and I'll update you soon.  But as a general rule, I almost never tire of kids books.  They're light and interesting and a lot of times written just for the purpose of being fun.  I think us adults could learn something from this. 
Do you?