How I spend my time.

I tried to think of a million more interesting ways to title this post, but let's just get down to it.  A question I've been asked a lot is how I decide what to blog about and when I blog.  And paint and craft and.....etc, etc, etc. You get the point.  I don't think that my level of "accomplishments" (if you want to call them that) is anything outstanding or even worth talking about.  It's just me being me.  But since you've asked-I'll tell, how 'bout that?

First, I wake up around 6:10. I always shower and dress before the girls wake up!

Then they wake before 7 usually and it's breakfast time....

We have a variety of things going on during the week that are already scheduled in.  Regardless of the day's activities after breakfast I almost always do the dishes, clean up the kitchen and start a load of laundry.  Sometimes I'll pull something out of the freezer for dinner if necessary too.

In-between breakfast and lunch we make art, read books, play, sometimes watch a show, do a learning activity....etc, etc, etc.

We always eat lunch at home, even if we've been out and about.  The girls usually watch a Baby Einstein or Praise Baby at the table while they eat and I clean up from lunch and make my smoothie/lunch.  I usually empty the dishwasher then too and pick up the house a little.  

They go down for nap at the same time and I usually sit down to finish my lunch and read a few blogs. I also load pictures on the computer, edit them in Picassa, and blog during nap.  I don't worry about blogging every day if I don't have anything I want to share.  I just see what's ended up on my camera and go from there.  My photographs definitely dictate my words.  My heart speaks loudest through the pictures I take and I can usually notice a theme or certain thought in my photos. 

 Sometimes I'll browse Pinterest.  Some times I read a book about photography or a magazine.  I like to make crafts or art journal occasionally at nap time too.  Or take pictures that need to be a bit more styled without two little helpers. 

Basically, I treat myself to doing something creative.
Anna Ruth doesn't nap long at all so this is a pretty quick break typically. 

Anna Ruth always wakes up from nap first because she sleeps half of the time Betsy Grace does.  Anna and I sometimes watch another show together, or sometimes go in the craft room.  We also like to play in her big girl room together and read books. 

After Betsy Grace wakes up we have a little snack and do our special activity for the day.  Some kind of learning, imagining, art, baking, and playing goes on at this time! 

Next up is dinner prep (least favorite time of day, just being honest), and clean up.  I try most days to have the house picked up at least a little before Brett comes home.  I also try to fold the last load of laundry then and freshen my makeup/hair up.  (this takes like 2 minutes)  
And cook! 
(I'll have a fun recipe to share Monday!)
After dinner Brett plays with the girls while I clean up the dishes again (are you noticing a trend here?! I do this a LOT). I also sweep, fold more laundry (if I didn't finish earlier)  Betsy Grace goes to bed first and I almost always put her to bed.  Next is Anna Ruth.  After she goes down for the night I exercise between 2-4 miles on the treadmill most days and then at last, I'm done for the day!  

Brett and I love spending time together in the quiet evening!  Sometimes we watch t.v. (but rarely), read books, talk, go outside to look at the garden, or Brett will come keep me company in the craft room while I make or paint.  This is my favorite. :) 

And that's about it!  
Not included in this schedule are the thousands of questions I answer from the girls, the thousands of messes, the thousands of giggles, or the thousands of discipline/teachable moments.  There is never a moment to just sit down and never a dull moment.  I don't even know what procrastination is anymore! This is a blessing.  :)

{And I have to say, reading back over this my days sound so, so easy.  And they're not.}

What's your schedule like?  Any questions about mine?  


  1. i love this, sara. i struggle with finding a daily rhythm & i don't even have kiddos! you've inspired me to begin working on this. xo.

    1. Thank-you friend! I love a daily rhythm :) Although before kiddos we were probably a lot more spontaneous...and that is so good too! So I think, enjoy both. :)

  2. Really like the color combination in your brave lady canvas.

    1. Thank-you! She was a tiny, tiny little canvas...sent to live with a dear friend. :) I loved painting her!


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