{DIY} Terrarium

I have a fun project to share with you today! 
Are you in Pinterest? I sure hope so.  This post won't be the first (or the last) one where I declare my love of Pinterest.  I keep many ideas saved for the girls on there and I've been utilizing them a lot more this spring, now that we are free to roam about outdoors! 

I had an idea saved for a terrarium so we decided to take our own spin on it.  First we gathered some moss from our yard.  I actually looked at Lowe's for moss (what was I thinking?!) They sold some in a bag that had hardly any color at all.  So if you're going to do this project I would encourage you to try to find a spot at your house or a friends where you can get some real life moss you dig up yourself.  The bagged kind just isn't the same. 
Next we layered these ingredients in our jar:
rocks first, then charcoal pieces (I read this keeps the soil "fresh"?), then potting soil, and last the moss!
It ended up looking so pretty!  It has been sitting on our dining room table for about a week and still looks vibrant.  The table gets sunlight almost every day.  We just sprinkled some water on the terrarium to keep it moist.
We did fill this up way, way too full.  I think it might have worked better and looked better if the moss was down in the jar, instead of all the way at the top. 
In my defense, I was trying to keep Betsy Grace from attacking the cat (she has a STRONG love for the cat) and eat the ingredients while we made it. :)

Have you ever made a terrarium?  Have any advice for me? I'd love to hear!