Paint and Possibilities.

I admit, I've been putting off this post. 
Where to even begin?  I utter the word "paint" to myself and dozens (and I do mean DOZENS) of things go through my mind.  Such color, such possibility! There are so many different kinds of projects you can do with paint.  So many different types of paint. It's a big world of possibility y'all. 

I'll tell you the one thing I know about painting: I like it. 
That's it.  I don't know why or how.  I just like it.  It's something that's been included (very naturally) in both Anna Ruth's and Betsy Grace's lives.  I think that part comes from my teaching days.  I saw children open up and express things with paint they maybe couldn't have otherwise. 

And so, we paint. 

In my world, a lot of things fall under the definition of a "happy mess". To me, a happy mess is one that has purpose.  Is paint messy? Yes.  But it's food for our brains, it fuels our creativity and imaginations, it is a communication tool for our bodies when words might not suffice.  

I admit, I'm always befuddled and sad when I hear someone say they don't let their children paint (or do art) because of the mess.  May I please kindly encourage you to spread some newspaper down on your table, whip out an old t-shirt for a paint shirt, and let the painting begin?

The benefits are worth far more than worrying about a mess.

Generally speaking painting is something that I do with the girls, seeing as I'm the one home with them the most.  One evening Anna Ruth requested that Brett paint with them.  

It is interesting and funny to see the different approach my girls take to painting.  It parallels their real, everyday life actually.  Anna Ruth is typically very thoughtful, neat and decisive with the brush.  She doesn't like getting paint on herself (usually).  

And then there's Betsy Grace.  She's a go all in, smear the paint EVERYWHERE and love it kind of girl.  That speaks to me.  But I respect both Anna Ruth and Betsy Grace when they paint.  I never push them to do so and let them be done as soon as they want.  I don't tell them want to paint (Betsy is obviously just doing well to get something on the paper but Anna Ruth will ask for ideas)
This art form is something that has truly captured my attention for about the last year.  Specifically acrylic paint and water color paint.  Sadly, I've let weeks and months go by without really doing much about my passion because I just didn't know where to begin or what to do.  And I still don't.  But I'm painting anyway.  I started painting a sign for my blog (in hopes to photograph it and make a new spring blog banner) and first stenciled the letters on.  After filling them in with paint I made myself start painting around the rhyme or reason.  This was So. Hard. for me to do.  I wanted to know it would turn out perfect, or at least how I saw it in my mind's eye.  But that's the thing with painting and me, I start and I'm not sure yet where the brush will take me.  It's a road of possibility.

Anna Ruth surprised me with this face.  She said Betsy Grace gave her a "paint mask" and wanted to leave it on (it's washable).  
After watching Betsy Grace give herself a lipstick with paint (see below) I watched Anna Ruth cautiously dip two fingers in her paint and slowly rake them down the paper.  And then hurriedly wiped them on her paint shirt and wanted to be clean. 

Evidently, for the perfect red lipstick pout, just come see Betsy Grace.  I told you baby girl doesn't mind the mess at all...she embraces it and dives right in! 

So, with this newfound interest in paint I'm starting to see ideas, projects, classes, and books EVERYWHERE related to my passion! 

I have so much I want to learn, just because. 

Here are a few things I like (a lot) that have to do with painting:
This app for your Iphone takes your photograph and changes it into a watercolor painting.  The inspiration is overload.  

2.) Painted Pages book- I stumbled upon this book a long time ago at Barnes and Noble.  I would have to say it's one of the first things that's responsible for starting this seed of desire to learn more about painting.  It's beautiful and inspiring and colorful. 

A few online classes I'd love to take: 

Project ideas:
There are so many different things you can do and make with paint!  It doesn't have to be limited to a canvas.  Here are a few I'm interested in trying, or doing already.

6.) Art journals: Go here for a beautiful example! 

What about you?  When you hear "paint" do you immediately think possibility or problem?  Also, have you ever taken an online course like this?  As soon as I get a few more things on my fun wish list accomplished, I plan to tackle one! 

Please say you'll give paint a chance?...


  1. You know I loved this post!! I should post pictures of my kiddos painting back in the day. They look like yours. :) So...I have the book Painted Pages, and I have the book Daring Adventures in Paint...and I have them out, ready to explore. Thanks for posting the online resources, as well. I'll keep you posted!

  2. #1 - I love the new banner, sign, header, whatever you call it! Looks great :)

    #2 - these pictures are so precious.

    #3 - I will admit - I don't paint for pleasure. With refurbishing an old farmhouse for 10 years, paint is sometimes a bad word :) Just because I equate it with WORK.
    However, I will do my best to see it in a more creative light from now on and have more fun with it. Do you and the girls want to come paint a fence? Some trim? Some walls? Hehehe :)


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