A little hello.

Hi friends, near and far! Are you starting your Monday looking like this?  A little crazy-eyed?! 
This photo captures a lot, doesn't it !  It's exactly how I feel somedays...crazed and staring down the temptation of chocolate.  

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?  
We were blessed by working in our church nursery in the one-year old class again on Sunday.  We had 12 babies!  Brett and I work in there together and it is always a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun!  We enjoy tackling this task together.  It was the first time in a long time we've both made it to church with both girls, because of so much sickness this winter.  
We started off our weekend by celebrating Valentine's Day with a date at home.  We lit candles and ate fancy cheese and chocolate (but not together).  It was wonderful!  

Brett brought chocolate and roses home for me.  Totally unnecessary, but so appreciated. 

These little gems are from our play group!  We attend playgroup every week, with several other moms. When we first started going Anna Ruth was a baby...now most of the kiddos have another sibling added to their family.  I sure do appreciate the friendship I have with the playgroup moms.  We always love having everyone out to our house!

We had a mini Valentine's Day party with our playgroup friends last week.  I quickly made all these pretzels one afternoon for us to share.  Everybody in our family really enjoyed these bite-sized treats.  So easy and so fancy looking.  

I adore Betsy Grace's expressions in these pictures!  
I have probably said it a million times lately but I can't get over how quickly she is growing.  She looks big, acts big, talks big....
no more little baby Betsy.  Let the games begin!
Sweet friends...

The deer are a beautiful nuisance.  We love looking at them, but don't love when they eat our garden!  Still, their jumps are just so utterly effortless and graceful.

One Saturday morning recently Betsy Grace was sick and stayed home with me while Brett took Anna Ruth to do some "big girl fun".  She got to ride around and around in the little car while I pushed her!  She loved it!  
We recently had the World Choir come to our church and Anna Ruth got to sit in with the big people and listen.  She was fascinated!  I talked to her afterwards about the children and how different their lives are than ours.  I want the girls to be aware of the great needs our world (both near and far) have. 

A few other things going on around here...
I put my Etsy shop on vacation for now.  Too long to explain.  And I suppose I'm learning lately to go with my gut and not share too much of the reasoning why all the time.  Because then people can disagree with me (and probably will) and make me doubt what I heard God say in the first place.  So, it's closed for now.  If you ever have any questions about photos on the blog just email me instead! 

And I changed the blog banner again.  Only about 20 times over the weekend. I *think* I'll leave it alone for now. :)  It goes against all the blog "advice" you read that says to keep it simple and only focus on your blog name.. All that stuff I don't care a bit about. Obviously. By the hundred pictures I crammed all in one header. :) 

What are you up to this week?  I'm hoping to work on my journal some,
and start our spring list!  Plans for dining alfresco, a mini vacation or two,
helping others out, stretching our wings.


  1. I love your honesty Sara. Especially about revealing too much and people trying to change your mind, even though you heard from the Lord. Why do we do that? And why do they?

    And YEAH, what you said about the blog header....who cares what "they" say? I (almost) never agree with movie critics and I don't believe all the advice about "how to grow your blog".

    It's what makes YOU, you :)

    1. Learning to listen to God solely is such a hard lesson for me. But as I'm realizing lately...one that has tremendous results :)


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