Hi spring.

This week has felt like a giant "Hello Spring!"  Like winter has finally quietly closed it's grand door, leaving only a tiny trace of icy sparkle and frosty breath.  I know, I know, we have colder weather coming again next week.  But we've had such a taste of spring this week it feels like the seasons have shifted. 

I was thinking about winter today and how even though I have been more than ready to see it ease on by, I really did enjoy it.  I can honestly say it was one of my favorite winters in my whole 30 years on earth.  I could have done without the last few weeks of sickness, but minus that-it was grand.  I felt like we really embraced the winter and Christmas and sledding and hot cocoa and fires.  We got it this year.
The girls and I were thrilled to once again be outside this week though and say hello to spring.  I'll be honest, I'm standing with arms wide open, as if to say "Show me what you got."  I mentioned putting my Etsy shop on vacation, and actually I took down my photo session information and Rosy Retreat class also.  All things I prayed about and knew I needed to do.  To create some big, wide open spaces for God to speak.  To calm the dream of being "somebody".  It seems like everyone who's bent toward the creative, artsy side of life has a book, or an online class, or a very successful online shop.  A name for themselves, a brand.  Something.  I've found myself chasing some of those same dreams lately because it seems the thing to do.  And so, I turned down the volume on all that static, and created a hush in which God can speak.

It doesn't feel popular or fun right now though.  On a daily basis I'm tending to my family, and learning to take care of my friends.  I'm listening to opportunities to give in my community and world and acting on them.  I'm loving Jesus as best as I know how. 

It felt freeing at first to let these extra things go.  Now it feels a little startling.  For example, I applied for something online and didn't get it and I'm sure it's because I haven't been an online presence enough.  Not enough commenting, liking, etc.....  And so, I admit, following my heart feels right with the one who matters the most, God.  And sorta hard with everything else.  
But, I'm bravely saying hello to spring anyway.  This year I have no extra dreams tucked in my head for craft retreats or rosy retreat events.  God might surprise me with some ideas that just fall into place.  But, I'm not sure.  I am looking forward to reading more, gardening with Brett (instead of him doing all the work), adventuring with the girls, and taking an online art class or two.  And bravely continuing to follow hard after God and hopefully inspire others to turn on the light in a very dark world for themselves and others.

These eyes! They beg you to stare into them..
One way we're preparing for spring's anthem is by decorating our outdoor spaces.  I finally decided to hang the vintage chalkboard outside, on the porch.  Anna Ruth has already enjoyed designing it with me.
I continue to love world's most pesky cat ever, BeBop.  Poor little guy came home with his face and ear scratched up.  As much as I tire of him constantly rubbing on me (all.the.time.) I admit I didn't like seeing him scratched up.  The girls adore BeBop.  Betsy Grace even hugs him and lays down on top of him.  I suppose we're now cat lovers.  
I hung this thrifted vegetable print on top of an old window we had from the barn.  
A little sprucing...
we get such strong, strong winds at our house I'm wondering what will withstand the gusts!  We shall see.

Anna Ruth likes to "run" with me and check the mail.  I hold her wrist as tightly as I can and she's learned to look both ways and listen before crossing the street with me.  I adore each of the girls and each of their ages for different reasons.  It's fun to be able to do "big girl" things with Anna Ruth.  She gets her first haircut this weekend!  I can't wait.  I, of course, will photograph it. 

Something else my cowgirls and I like to do is drive around in the car and check on the cows.  We talk about their size and color and what they might have been up to that day.  Important life lessons are learned on these pasture rides,   Like that God made all the colors.  That different colored things, people, and animals....well, they all go together.  Each are special and unique and wonderful.  

We've already been enjoying the new water table on the back deck also!  A rare activity both girls enjoy together...
Look how big and bold Betsy Grace is!  Y'all....I just can't get over her personality!  When she was born I thought she would be calm, quiet, and laid back.  She's anything but.  She's a passionate bundle....she loves mess and being brave and climbing and fast things.  

I ended up hanging twinkle lights on the front porch too.  Because a little twinkle makes everything look cheery and happy.  I wanted people driving by to see our house and not notice its size or color but notice its joy.  To know that life is celebrated well.

And that,
is how we're saying "hi" to spring.  With uncertainty, expectation, plans for adventures,
surprises waiting in the wings.



  1. "I wanted people driving by to see our house and not notice its size or color but notice its joy."

    I LOVE this sentence!!!!
    Your outdoor space is joy-filled!!! Love it!


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