Getting down-garden style and Anna's first haircut.

 I was in a bit of a slump the last time I wrote.  Admittedly, my physical body has spent this week trying to keep up with the warmer temperatures as fast as they are changing.  I'm positive I've had a sinus infection (I've had enough to know by now) but am also positive that with rest and lots of fluids I can get rid of it without an antibiotic.  And so I've been resting this slump away. 

When I wrote my last post I wasn't feeling too excited about the lack of direction or plan for this stage of my life.  Forget Plans A, B, or C..I would have even taken a plan G! Just a plan. Something to express my creativity through.  I'm not used to free time and so even a tiny little bit of it sometimes feels like it needs to be the MOST productive, the MOST thought out.  But, with some serious praying I can say God has done a very quick, dramatic heart change in me, in just a matter of days.  I'm content with putting one foot in front of another and bravely following hard after God.   And doing things I like!  Learning to paint, for example.  

I also want to do a better job of taking care of the friends and family around me.  Responding to the opportunities to give (like taking food to a local center that teaches classes to expecting moms).  

This little package above is for a new nephew that will be born on Brett's side of the family in May! We are so, so excited.  There is a tiny bunting (in boy colors) inside..
 I packaged up this gift as beautifully as I knew how, using some of my favorite scrapbook supplies and an Instagram photo of mine.  The "package" is actually a book. 
 The craft room is always such a happy, happy place for me.  It's my favorite spot in the house, full of all my favorite things.  I like to paint and sew in here...
and just spending time in here alone lifts my spirits. 
Do you have a place like that?  
In getting honest with God He spoke very clearly to me, showing me how to best use my passions right where I am in life, right now.  He showed me what a gift this season of time is...kind of the middle for our family.  There are so many opportunities surrounding us every day for living beautifully and creatively and showing the love of Jesus. 

 Pretty pictures of my pretty girl......Anna Ruth will be THREE this summer.

 The girls and I also "got down" in the garden.  
Boy, how we can get down in the garden.  Give us a little dirt, a shovel, some boots.....
we are livin' the good life.  
 Brett is expanding our garden this year and I am excited to tell you more about it soon. 
We can't wait for garden food.  Friends, I have never eaten so well and so beautifully as we did last spring.  I felt fantastic and ate colorful, rich foods straight from our back yard last year.  I'm fairly certain if there's food in heaven, there will be a garden.  The best food is garden grown! 

 Do any of my city-slicker friends know what Brett is doing here?! 

We love dirt.
I am definitely not a cautious mom when it comes to dirt.  Of course, I keep a watchful eye on the girls like any parent would.  But I don't squeal at the first sign of a mess.  I think it's natural and wonderful and exciting to see the girls digging in our dirt, making up their own imaginative play as they go.  

And then we come inside and scrub real, real good because we are girls after-all. 
We might be Torbett girls (which will probably always include cows and pick-ups), but we are still GIRLS...
and we do girly things like get haircuts.

Anna Ruth had her first haircut this weekend. 

She looks serious because she is serious! 
Friends who know her well have seen her wild/contained side.  The Anna Ruth that likes to shout and yell and follow the rules.  The non-stop talker.  The holding hands with her friends Anna. 

A lot of times the rest of the world sees serious Anna.  Both are genuinely her and celebrated in our house!
 I *almost* can't stand these pictures. 
The cuteness overload,
the preciousness.

The fact that she looks so big and old and...
where's my tiny baby?!?!?!?!

Isn't that the sweetest little haircut ever?!
This pulls on all kinds of heart strings. 
It was such fun getting to take her to get her first haircut.  And she was SO excited to go.  She's been asking me about it all week.  

She also loves getting my "nake-up". 
(don't tell Brett, but I think he's in for a wild ride)

What are you up to this weekend? What's lifted your spirits and what are you doing to relax?


  1. I love her haircut :) So cute!

    I happened to write about my Saturday, just today. It was a beautiful weekend.

    1. I LOVED your post about your Saturday! It evoked so many emotions in me, thank-you friend for writing!

  2. Yes, that definitely is the sweetest haircut. She is adorable!

    1. Thank-you! I put off getting it cut for so long, dreading cutting her baby hair. But now I'm so glad I did!

  3. Love her sweet little bob cut! Sooo cute! Addalie has a little pair of brown cowboy boots that were Colton's that she wears as well, it is the cutest ever. And that packet is beautiful!! I love it!! What a thoughtful gift!

    1. Hi friend! I love girls in cowboy boots. :) Or "cowgirl" boots I should say. I don't think I've ever asked-do you own a pair?! You should. :)

    2. I own two pairs! :) A pair of pink John Deere boots.. and Michael got me a pair of leopard print ones for Christmas.. :) fancy shmancy.


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